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    UK's Boris Johnson takes Amtrak to Meet President at White House

    You consider that a ridiculous excuse?
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    Hypothetical High Platform Superliner Replacements

    I don’t see how you could read that from my statement in response to the message I quoted, but…whatever. I mean, obviously freights are already running plenty of taller equipment throughout the country, so “every single street and building” couldn’t reasonably apply to the entire country.
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    Need Amtrak trip and route planning help. Who should I contact?

    While Amtrak calls the department Customer Relations, I have yet to see any concrete evidence that asking for “Customer Service” gets the call routed differently. It’s been a mantra on here, but there have been lots of urban legends passed around as fact before.
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    Hypothetical High Platform Superliner Replacements

    Asked a friend of mine who works in Metra ops. He said the clearance is plate M, which is basically Superliner height.
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    Hypothetical High Platform Superliner Replacements

    The comment I was responding to was specifically about Chicago Union Station, which is definitely a passenger-only station area. None of which operate through Chicago Union Station, so completely irrelevant.
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    Need Amtrak trip and route planning help. Who should I contact?

    If I may offer a suggestion, posting this chart for an Amtrak newbie is more trouble than helpful. It’s more like “expert mode” for someone who really cares about arcane details rather than the simple mode of just looking up the fare for the trip they want to take. Especially since fares can...
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    Hypothetical High Platform Superliner Replacements

    Sure. All you have to do is rebuild every single street and building that was built over the tracks over the last century or so. And for what purpose? So a handful of long-distance trains can have a taller sleeping car or lounge car?
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    Newark Penn or EWR for Cape Liberty Cruise Terminal

    You shouldn’t have to pay a fare for the airtrain if your ticket is actually to/from EWR and not NWK. You can scan your Amtrak eticket at the Airtrain fare gates. That said, it still seems like you’d be better off at Newark Penn, if for no reason than on your return, you’ll have a lot more...
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    Sleeping cars returning to WAS-BOS starting 05APR21

    On 66/67, stops are fairly frequent and the relative passenger turnover is high at some of these stops. You don’t have the luxury of 45-60 minutes in between stops to find the small number of passengers that were probably directed to a specific car to make it easier for the conductors/car...
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    Coast Starlight (11) cancelled again…at least on 9/11

    Is the train cancelled, or just one sleeper line? The thread and the opening message seem to imply different things.
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    Hurricane Ida - 08/2021

    Any info on 19/20 (e.g., WAS-ATL only)? It would be interesting to see a long-distance train truncated at both ends due to the same storm.
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    Autumn Express?

    What legislation required running the Autumn Express? Never heard of that before. As I recall, the Autumn Express was cancelled under Anderson on the basis that these sorts of specials took too many resources for relatively little return and also compromised reliability of their regular...
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    Can Amtrak do this?

    The CHI-DEN sleeper ended circa 2011/2012 when Denver Union Station construction began in order to accommodate the commuter rail system being built and Amtrak had to move over to the temporary station.
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    Ugliest and Soul-less Amtrak Stations Used in Metropolises Today

    You are not the only passenger on Amtrak.
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    Ugliest and Soul-less Amtrak Stations Used in Metropolises Today

    Three pages of discussion, and nobody has mentioned Detroit. A depressing, bus station-esque depot with not enough seating and a dirty, narrow platform that they keep locked until the security guard escorts everyone up there a few minutes before the train arrives.