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    Amtrak Cascades to VAC, what to expect

    customs at the train station in vancouver are mean and the worst place to cross the border i once had them do a strip search on me going to vancouver for a weekend, they are not friendly
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    The Great Locomotive Chase

    The Great Locomotive Chase will be shown on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) with no commercial interruptions on Thursday July 2,2015 at 11:15PM to 12:51AM. Directed by: Francis D. Lyon. Starring Fess Parker, Jeffrey Hunter, Jeff York,John Lupton, Eddie Firestone, Kenneth Tobey. True story of...
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    Some Detroit Nostalgia

    jim in the 70's i took a train going to buffalo but i was going to Toronto so i got off in windsor took a cab to the other train station then caught a train to toronto
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    Chicago and Back, Again!

    yeah Tyler mr Z is nice, way to go JIM HUDSON i mean Mr El Zorro
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    Chicago and Back, Again!

    when i met Jim Hutson on the Eagle he said call me by my mexican name EL ZORRO so mr Z / JIM HUDSON thanks for helping Tyler
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    classic Amtrak commericals

    more classic amtrak
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    amtrak portrayals in tv/film

    Valley Of The Dolls was filmed in febuary 1967
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    amtrak portrayals in tv/film

    here is the opening scene of valley of the dolls what train is this
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    Where to go?

    Jim Copenhagen is the Austin of Denmark
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    no more of coach trips for me

    Jim does that mean u wont share your BBQ with the children
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    Parking at the new Dearborn center

    why cant we get a new modern station at Royal Oak
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    American Airlines / US Airways merger

    PRR thats why i am only flying routes serviced by US Airways