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    The Passing of a Friend!

    Patrick "P.J." Galligan died on May 1st, 2014 of factors resulting from his multi-year ordeal with cancer. Loved by few, liked by many, and undoubtedly despised by many more, P.J.'s life was filled with the many activities he undertook that would result in a wide range of reactions and...
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    Surfliner Info

    BC guarantees a seat. Peace and quiet is another issue. Once rode a Surfliner with a bad ordered café car. To compensate, the Business car was thrown open to Coach passengers, coffee and goodies on the house. Needless to say, Business passengers were subjected to a lot of noisy to-and-fro...
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    Surfliner Info

    There used to be TWO: Southern Pacific ran the Lark over the coast route now used by the Starlight, and the Owl ran inland, through the Central Valley and over the Tehachapi mountains (and loop!). The Lark (and owl): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lark_(train) From 1981 to 1983 Amtrak ran the...
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    Beverly Hills Subway Route OKed, saving millions

    Take that NIMBYS!! (but it still ain't over 'til it's over) "Westside subway extension survives legal challenge by Beverly Hills"" -- http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-subway-lawsuit-ruling-20140403,0,2491628.story#ixzz2xqvJXgHP "Knocking down one of the last hurdles for Los Angeles'...
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    Swadian's Photos

    Think again. Buses are not nice breaks from anything but walking.
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    FREE Video Weekend, Model Railroader Video Plus

    A little heads up, FWIW: Model Railroader Video Plus, a spinoff of the magazine, is celebrating its first birthday by showing free videos all weekend, March 29, and 30, 2014. For these two days access is free and open to everyone. Even ME!! "Watch as many how-to videos, layout visits...
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    Blue Line CTA derails at O'Hare

    According to Trains News Wire CTA has removed the wreck train from the O'Hare station and expects it to reopen on the weekend. Crews need to repair tracks, platforms, and staircases (nothing about any escalators). Also: "The CTA announced earlier this week it was taking some new safety steps...
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    LAX Luggage Thievery Bust

    Contract workers - Menzies Aviation (some, not all, from there). From the L.A. Times: LAX thieves stole thousands of dollars of valuables from luggage, police say --...
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    Pasadena, CA

    Pasadena is indirectly served by Amtrak. It goes to Los Angeles Union Station, and from there one may board the Metro Gold Line for the prettiest trip in the Metro Rail system, mostly over the old Santa Fe right of way. After reaching downtown Pasadena the line unfortunately runs down the...
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    Cross country: CS to CZ to LSL ( SEA - BOS)

    No criticism, but wanna point out (in case you're not aware, amamba) that Day 5 on the LSL is repeated twice in the blog. Otherwise fine!
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    World First Film:Arrival of a Train (1895)

    In 1895 hand-cranked was the order of the day, for cameras (also wind-up) and projectors. So a smooth playback required somebody who could match the speed at which the film was shot, and keep it up for as long as the early reels lasted. Team Whooz got to see a hand-cranked "Steamboat Bill...
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    World First Film:Arrival of a Train (1895)

    A number of very early films featured trains. They MOVE, which was the whole idea then, less now (sound). I've seen one in which the locomotive is coming straight at the camera, and recall reading that audiences - who had never seen a film before - feared that the engine would leap from the...
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    Private car

    Sounds like fun, and at a reasonable price. I should try it sometime. Any refreshments included? And what car was that? I've seen several sitting around at L.A. Union Station.
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    Transit Ridership At Historic Peak

    Running behind schedule in my Op-Ed reading (slow orders, y'know) I came across the piece below in the Washington Post. These guys think that the ridership surge posited by APTA in its report that led off this thread is illusory and a distraction. However, they have an idea of what the REAL...
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    Biggest railroad yard in the world!

    Double posting aside, Bailey Yard at North Platte, Nebraska, is the world's largest railyard. The golden spike tower is a tourist attraction which overlooks the railyard.