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    Online Schedules

    Very handy! I know it's the wrong mode, but there has been an improvement in the intercity bus timetable site with the inclusion of numerous independent bus companies. For example, Walla Walla (WWA) has Amtrak Thruway service from Train 27 and to Train 28 at Pasco, but there are also two more...
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    Syracuse to Ottawa Canada

    There is one round-trip bus a day between Seattle and Bellingham, with intermediate stops in Everett and Mt. Vernon. Northbound it is an extension of Train 500 and hopefully connects from Train 7. Southbound it feeds Train 507. Greyhound has two daily buses making the same stops each way en...
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    Winter Park Express is back

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    Who in the world are you?

    I haven't lived in Oregon since 1976 (Portland and Salem) and have almost dried out. I'm glad to see a new member from the Beaver State where I have family and friends.
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    CPKC and Amtrak. A possibility?

    Yes. For the past five decades I've wondered why some Class I's feel the need to be openly antagonistic to preliminary proposals for new Amtrak services. There are so many other obstacles that pop up and their open activities have no effects on actual negotiations or STB actions anyway. With...
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    Virginia Service Expansion

    And with it, they lost the Union Station. The remaining station, now a hotel, served the Southern.
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    Russia and German Christmas Markets

    I second the motion regarding Mainz. No complaints from people who I have sent there.
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    Russia and German Christmas Markets

    Enjoyed the photos. It looks like the photo above the caption "less touristy" shows a radio-controlled frog on the trolley coach overhead. That's a good sign of progressive thinking. I may have missed them but didn't see any in Moscow or Tomsk in 2010.
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    Sleeping in Coach/Business

    My experiences have been that it is assigned a refurbished car. A regular coach was used once out of half a dozen times. The restrooms are kept cleaner. And a note about eyeshades: they don't take up much space, but instead I wear a hat with a brim and adjust it to cut direct lighting. It...
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    Thin grey (hound) line

    They were advertising for drivers when things began to pick up in mid-year last. I haven't seen that lately. (RTD in Denver is paying hiring bonuses, but in the meantime often cancels trips due to the pre-COVID shortage compounded by the pandemic.) The decline from about 1975 to 2020 was...
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    Funding, Border Inspection and Operation of Cross Border Services

    In the late '60's and early 70's I crossed on scheduled buses at Blaine/White Rock, Langley, and Kingsgate, BC and in all cases the border check was done on the bus with the exception of problem cases. The other passengers remained on the bus, waiting to glare at those who had been taken off...
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    Thin grey (hound) line

    Just to explore this more, I pulled out my Aug 1974 Official Bus Guide. For the Greyhound segments we've covered in this thread: DEN<>KCY = 4 daily KCY<>STL = 3 daily Non-Stop Executive Coach KCY<>STL = 4 daily Express KCY<>STL = 3 daily Locals STL<>CHI = 1 daily Bus Plus one-stop, reserved...
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    Business Class in Long Distance Trains

    I used BC on Trains 11/14 several times before 2020, in all parts of the route except SEA<>PDX. The cars all but one trip were conventional Superliner coaches with re-upholstered seats. Although they have 2+2 seating, the only time I have had to share a seat was PDX>KFS when students were...
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    Thoughts on The Zephyr in January...

    You could hunt for a low airfare Detroit<>Denver round-trip, spend a night or two in one of the hotels adjacent to Denver Union Station, ride to Winter Park on the ski train on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and then either come back the same evening (thereby saving repacking) or spend a night up...
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    Rocky Mountaineer in the Colorado Rockies

    This attached diagram shows the funding for the Denver Union Station project. Some of the participants didn't want Amtrak in the station, let alone more passenger trains or intercity buses. If one takes a look at how the intercity Tracks 4 and 5 were constructed, "when they are no longer...