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    BBC MCS Article

    Great article about MCS and Detroit as a whole from the BBC:

    Condor Airlines Intel

    Thanks for the replies but as typical around here the schedule just got blowed up and now I am no longer going to RMS, but to JFK.  So Delta it is instead.  So long Condor, I'll try you again sometime maybe...

    Condor Airlines Intel

    Has anyone here ever flown on Condor airlines?  I'm taking them for the first time tomorrow on SEA-FRA.  I have a flight this week out of RMS I need to get to, and a coach seat was cheap enough that the company was willing to get me a ticket direct to Frankfurt, from where it's a quick car ride...

    Flying through Denver on United concourse B

    I used to be based out of DEN and concourse B was my home.  Favorite restaurants include Que Bueno near B52, and Heidi's Brooklyn Deli near B87. 

    United '777 diversion to Goose Bay

    Some times it takes a long time to realize that you're going to be broke for a long time. And then you may or may not have a 777 and entire crew that can be scrambled up there with enough duty day to complete such a trip.

    WA anti-tax activist again targets trains and transit

    Do you know how tax brackets work? Let's say under your scheme there are two tax brackets: $0-70,000 at 20%, and $70,001 and above at 45%.  How much in taxes does someone making $70,002 pay?

    WA anti-tax activist again targets trains and transit

    Disincentive to who?  Did you ever turn down a raise that put you into a higher bracket?  I sure as hell haven't.

    WA anti-tax activist again targets trains and transit

    That's the Laffer Curve you're referring to.  Taxes could be so high that yes lowering them would see more revenue from more economic activity.  But I seriously doubt that with today's already low tax rates (compared to historical norms) we would find ourselves on the correct side of the Laffer...

    Who in the world are you?

    Great, another pilot weirdo.  Don't we have enough of you people?
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    Ningbo to Nanjing

    I just finished my trip and I have to say the Chinese trains are quite impressive.  They were fast, smooth, and on time.  The biz seats were nice too.  Now if only we could have this in the US... When we got down to the platform one of my first officers stated we must not be on a high speed...
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    Ningbo to Nanjing

    I’ll have a biz class ticket since this is a business trip paid by the company.  I’m sure after this the Cascades will never again measure up :-(
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    Ningbo to Nanjing

    I’ll be deadheading tomorrow from Ningbo to Nanjing, China via one of the high speed G trains.  Anyone here with Chinese HSR experience have any tips or useful knowlege to share for a first timer on this system?
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    Are You Afraid Of Flying?

    A few months back I was on a double crew with a check airman and his student. One our first leg, IST-KWI, the student had a hard landing. And when us pilots say 'hard landing', we mean it was hard enough that the ride along mechanic has to inspect the aircraft to make sure nothing cracked or...
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    Checklists are for wimps

    Can't speak for the 73, but on the 74 no action at all is required to set the pressurization. (except turning the packs back on after engine start, but in India you'd notice quick if you left those off) Now if there's a switch out of its normal position when the crew arrives (say outflow valve...
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    Stolen and crashed Horizon airliner

    There was another incident a few years later where a man flew his airplane into the IRS building in downtown Austin.