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    Texas Central Railway

    Good news on the court decision. Not so good on the lack of financing options. This may be a bridge too far, but would BrightLine be considering taking this over? Are there other players that might be interested in getting a foothold in the North American passenger rail business? Like JR Group...
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    Environmental Research paper help: Could we extend the Auto-Train to Chicago, Boston, Montreal and New York?

    It would be cool if you could drive your car from Long Island etc. to Newark and pull into a secure auto carrier loading facility for an overnight autotrain trip to Florida. There are a few rather major obstacles but it is a nice thought exercise!
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    Environmental Research paper help: Could we extend the Auto-Train to Chicago, Boston, Montreal and New York?

    PVD, that is true, but when you talk to people in countries that tend not to have private cars, a large portion of the 20'somethings really would like to have one for themselves. When I travel it is pretty obvious that I am an American and since I am pretty outgoing when I travel (which is odd...
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    What should Amtrak change?

    Exactly. The Napaway would, I believe, not be as workable as the twin bunks for two people in a Roomette even though it might be nearly as good for those traveling alone. But half or more of the Roomette passengers are singles so if you assign some of the singles to smaller, cheaper Napaways it...
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    What should Amtrak change?

    I think that an Amtrak Roomette is 6.5'x3.5' or 22.75 sq ft and sleeps flat while a Napaway Butterfly Suite is 5'x3.3' or 16.5 sq ft. but it is a lay flat at an angle, which is a bit of an advantage for the Napaway on square footage and a bit of a negative on the lack of sleeping flat. But the...
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    Interesting Article Opposing High Speed Rail

    This is so true! The Ukrainian Railways system ( I won't even try to spell its name in Ukrainian! ) has not only delivered the goods, they have delivered millions of Ukrainians from the war zone to safety, either to Western Ukraine or to Poland. The employees of Ukrainian Railways have a lot to...
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    Interesting Article Opposing High Speed Rail

    Hopefully these three years of La Nina will be followed by a year or two of El Niño which should bring more rain back to the SW. Hopefully… This Too Shall Pass is not just about kidney stones!
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    Comparison of Amtrak "Never Again" with "Never Again" on other transportation

    Well... Manchester. LOL! To be fair, I am in no position to throw stones. I live in a small burg in rural Maryland. But to fail to be moved by the Canadian Rockies? Wow.
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    Comparison of Amtrak "Never Again" with "Never Again" on other transportation

    Amtrak is in a relatively unique situation in which they don't have competition in their transportation niche, i.e. passenger rail. You either "fly Amtrak" or you drive or fly, there are no competing passenger railroads. So when a person has a really bad trip with Amtrak, they may be done with...
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    Southern Maryland Light Rail

    I live in southern Anne Arundel County and when I saw this I was surprised. I haven't heard one word about it. Then I saw that it was going to run down 5 to 301... I bet LaPlata is hoping to get an extension down the road. My little burg of Deale is too sparsely populated (and way out there...
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    Slidell, LA to Birmingham, AL

    Slightly OT, but Slidell is one of those stations I look out the railcar window at and want to get off and explore. Google maps is my substitute for in person touring. Papa's BBQ (Brisket and Rib Combo for $16!), Southside Cafe (Southern Fried Steak Dinner for $17), Keith's Seafood (Combo...
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    Why doesn't Amtrak run significantly longer trains?

    Amtrak is in a good position right now to remedy a lot of wrongs, they have a great short term supply of money and they need to try to figure out what will benefit the American train riding public the most. And buying pre-existing designs of sleeper cars may be one of the best short term...
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    Lesser known Railroad Museums in small towns

    The Milwaukee Road Museum in Harlowton Montana! Tons of memorabilia and excellent photos. Plus there is an exhibit/diorama built by a gentleman, James Hamre, who used to post regularly on this site...
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    The planned trans-Himalayan Manali - Leh rail link in India

    15,000 feet is getting up there. I hiked over Thorong La Pass in Nepal and it is a touch higher at 17,000+ feet and I was feeling the pain in both my legs from the climb and my head from the altitude. The good thing is that when you start to descend the head ache and malaise disappear fairly...