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    Luggage storage in Chicago

    I just went through Union Station Chicago on April 25h, 2019. There is luggage storage in the Metropolitan Lounge for connecting sleeping car passengers. I arrived on the California Zephyr and connected to the Lakeshore Limited. You can securely store luggage in a room beside the front desk...
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    CZ Train #6 Left EMY on 23 April

    Thanks for the comments 1) Get 2 Hangers 2) Wedge them at the top and bottom of the interconnecting door Results may vary See the photos attached
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    CZ Train #6 Left EMY on 23 April

    This morning I boarded the east bound California Zephyr from Emeryville to Chicago. I am in the sleeping car. Outside Davis, CA we stopped for a bit, were going to help out a train that had mechanical issues. We were about to hook up when the crew was able to fix the issue, so with a slight...
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    Maple leaf amtrak

    Best bet would be to look at the Via Rail / Go Transit schedule for a more frequent service. The fastest way to get to Toronto would be taking a GO Bus (Intercity transport operated by the Provincial Government) to Burlington then a GO Train to Toronto Union Station (downtown). The bus will...
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    The Future Is Cars, Because Trains Suck

    I wouldn't expect anything else from Car & Driver Magazine.
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    Schedule Change - Lakeshore Limited Apr 25 CHI > NYP

    @bratkinson Thanks for replying.
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    Schedule Change - Lakeshore Limited Apr 25 CHI > NYP

    Hello this is my first post here. I am going to be taking the LSL from CHI to NYP on April 25th. I recently received an e-mail from Amtrak, stating that my itinerary had changed. From what I gather the arrival time into NYP was changed from 6:23 PM to 6:35 PM. Would like to know if this is a...