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  1. willem

    Consist make up?

    An Empire Builder to Chicago about two days ago had a baggage car and one coach but no coach-baggage on the Seattle section, so maybe the consist is changing day to day. It did have the cover on the sleeper door just behind the engines. Also, it had three engines for the shortened consist.
  2. willem

    VIA: Temporary Covid-19 .PDF Timetable Posted

    Have you heard anything about a possible extension of the coupons Via issues to status members in its reward program? They normally expire, IINM, at the end of April.
  3. willem

    AmSnag Oddity

    A few months ago, I went to the Fare Watch page and clicked on something that caused it to update. Immediately, I received email messages with new fare information. I concluded that automatic checking and notification no longer works.
  4. willem

    Charger Led #5 involved in Crash with Concrete Truck near Reno

    Thank you for knowing the difference!
  5. willem

    CHI-LAX Southwest Chief

    On two visits in the last three months, the Chicago lounge attendants have told me that outside food is allowed in the new Metropolitan Lounge.
  6. willem

    Checking Bag But Not Riding

    But on a different reservation number so the rest of your trip doesn't get canceled for being a no-show on the first leg.
  7. willem

    AGR Points For Shopping time to post

    Thanks, Dave; that's great! And how do you like Lyft? Would you prefer it to Uber if neither had the side benefits?
  8. willem

    Questions about Empire Builder trip, etc.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "classic NPS lodge" but it is not in the park and not operated under a concession contract with the National Park Service, according to the staff. I do not mean to detract from anything else you said; it is a great place to stay.
  9. willem

    AGR Points For Shopping time to post

    Does anyone know how the Lyft-Hilton partnership would interface with the Lyft Pink benefit of Chase credit cards? Could one sign up for Lyft Pink through Chase and then associate the Lyft account with Hilton?
  10. willem

    Accessible bedroom disability fare

    I saw different prices for the accessible room (at disability rate) and the roomette in 2016. I called Amtrak, asked about it, and was told that they are priced differently.
  11. willem

    Guest Rewards points question (2 passengers on same reservation)

    I assume you are asking about points for travel rather than points for buying the ticket(s) with an AGR-branded credit card. AmtrakBlue beat me to it. What she says is consistent with my understanding and experience. 1 and 2. As AmtrakBlue said, each AGR member gets points for his or her...
  12. willem

    Secure storage in LAX?

    Last month, an attendant opened the conference room for me to store luggage there, and shut the door when I exited. There were some bags already in the conference room when I dropped mine. I don't know if the door was locked, either before I arrived or after I dropped my luggage. When I went to...
  13. willem

    Trip report on 8 departing Seattle on 12/29/19

    It looks like auto-correct gave you an assist there. There is (or was) a little-used line that would allow train 8 to get to the station without a backing move. I understand that when 7 used the Surrey Cutoff in 2014, it occasionally used this line, departing without a backup move. I never saw...
  14. willem

    7 detouring this evening between Fargo and Minot.

    Back to the topic of the thread: 7 detouring.... Dixieland says the train made its stops between Fargo and Minot. Did BNSF change its mind?
  15. willem not working...while on Amtrak WiFi...

    I read somewhere else that if you try to connect to a site that starts with http and that does not redirect you to an https version, then the splash page will come up. I have not verified that this is true. Does anyone know? If you're looking for a site that starts with http, Amsnag fits the bill.
  16. willem not working...while on Amtrak WiFi...

    It could be unrelated to your situation, Anderson, but I have noticed that I cannot download email (to a client, not a browser) while in an Amtrak lounge, but I have no problem if I'm on an Amtrak train, while connected to Amtrak_WiFi in both cases. This has been going on for years.
  17. willem

    Long Way to the Coast Starlight

    I almost always take all luggage into the room, although the lounge attendant would not know that. The Eagle Creek Load Warrior usually fits under a seat, and it's easier to pull it out from there and get something than to go downstairs and rummage through it. Yes, there is a brochure rack...
  18. willem

    Long Way to the Coast Starlight

    Thanks for the report. Um, what? Why were you expecting that? If you are within limits, why the questioning? (We will be close to those numbers and at the Los Angeles Metropolitan Lounge soon, and I certainly would not have expected to be questioned if you hadn't mentioned it.) We just took...
  19. willem

    Train 14 and Semi

    Thank you, rickb, for the detailed report.
  20. willem

    Buying 2 roomettes for the same trip

    When I did this (some years ago), I phoned Amtrak because I wanted both roomettes on the same reservation. Because I spoke with an agent, I was able to get the first roomette at the lower bucket and only needed to pay higher bucket for the second roomette. It took, if I remember correctly, three...
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