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    Consist make up?

    I believe the reason for having the baggage car on the rear is due to not using a transition sleeper. I read they are using a cover over the front door on the sleeper in an effort to keep diesel fumes from entering the car. The difference in height of the baggage car diaphragm would damage the...
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    Amtrak Price Tracking Tool

    C= coach R= roomette FB= family bedroom B= bedroom Just a guess
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    Why trains instead of planes for long distance?

    I have flown a couple dozen times (all for work, all before 9/11) in my life but due to my size it was uncomfortable. With the extra security and small seats you wont get me on a plane unless it's an emergency. Usually if I can't drive there I don't go. Thursday I leave on my first long distance...
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    No WiFi on Texas Eagle or Sunset Limited?

    Between Chicago and Pittsburgh yes you should have reliable service because it goes through a more densely populated region. The Cardinal may have wifi going through middle of nowhere West Virginia but how well does it work? A lot of the Coast Starlight route may be in California, however fro...
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    No WiFi on Texas Eagle or Sunset Limited?

    In order to have reliable wi-fi on most superliner trains it would have to be satellite based due to spotty cellular signals along most western routes. That would be an expense I don't think Amtrak can afford right now
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    Bedroom or roomette, if single and the cost is not an issue?

    With money not being an issue I would probably take the bedroom just so I didn't feel cramped. I'm taking my first long distance rail trip next month and I booked a roomette. Sleeping parallel to the direction of travel will be a new experience for me. I am a retired truck driver so sleeping...
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    Alarm tone sound with emergency brake? (Downeaster)

    Yes you are the OP. OP stands for original poster.
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    SWC detouring Newton KS (8-18-19)

    South from Newton to Mulvane then back north to Emporia.
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    SWC detouring Newton KS (8-18-19)

    First priority after the crews well being is opening the tracks. The wreck crews could very well be doing more damage to the containers than the derailment did To get the tracks clear and open. Here is a picture before the cleanup crews got there. The stacks are leaning away from the road. My...
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    SWC detouring Newton KS (8-18-19)

    Mother nature was the main cause. Specifically high winds.
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    Superliner Roomette Numbering?

    What car number are you in? 2130, 2131 or 2230,2231 would be the normal sleepers. 2140/2240 would be the trans dorm
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    Booking Amtrak tickets with Amtrak credit card sends me to fraud dept

    I have checked into credit unions. The credit Union i belong to has good rates on everything except they can't beat my credit card rate with Bank of America. They don't even come close. I have what been with BOA for a very long time and have a VERY good rate.
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    Booking Amtrak tickets with Amtrak credit card sends me to fraud dept

    I tried using my BoA card to pay for my upcoming Amtrak trip. Instantly tripped fraud alert. Would not let me use the card even after I talked to the fraud department. I ended up driving down to KCUS to book my trip and using a different card. That is the only time I have ever had that problem...
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    Chief #4 (8/4/19 with deadhead Metrolink cars)

    Car #s 605, 615, 101, 161, and 122
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