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  1. HotlantaAl

    Are souvenirs available onboard?

    Well, I was on the CZ last week and the conductor that got onboard in Salt Lake City was selling souvenirs onbard, but only for a limited time. I think it was to raise money for the safety committee at the Salt Lake City Amtrak station. I bought a real nice mug with the old CZ logo on it.
  2. HotlantaAl

    Has the carryon baggage policy changed for roomettes?

    My daughter plays the cello so I know the problems that come with that. Do you have a hard case for the cello of a soft case? If you have a hard case then I would place it in checked baggage.
  3. HotlantaAl


    Hope there is no problem. Got to be on #6 a week from tomorrow.
  4. HotlantaAl

    ReRoute of CZ #5/#6 Oct. 1/2/3

    Is this why there has been Service Disruptions for the past 2 days for CZ #6?
  5. HotlantaAl

    When do we eat?

    I have a question. If the CZ leaves Emeryville at 9:10AM, will they serve breakfast?
  6. HotlantaAl

    Amtrak "on track" to set new ridership record

    Part of the reason Amtrak continues to set ridership records is partly due to three letters: TSA. The more TSA mistreats airline passengers by subjecting them to invasive screening procedures, theft of their personal belongings and sexual harassment, the more people will turn away from the...
  7. HotlantaAl

    The Federal Deficit and Amtrak

    Agreed, these are very costly and I would support scaling these back. Again, I just look at the numbers and I agree with this statement.
  8. HotlantaAl

    The Federal Deficit and Amtrak

    I think the key word here is world. US Tax law doesn't tax world corporations. That is most of the problem, all that cash is now overseas and outside of US jurisdiction.
  9. HotlantaAl

    The Federal Deficit and Amtrak

    Who is being silly? I am just point out that the biggest driver to the problem is the total debt. That is where the cost issue is. Remember, the title to this disscussion is the Federal Deficit and Amtrak.
  10. HotlantaAl

    The Federal Deficit and Amtrak

    That's kind of the point. The Democratic Senators are saying they are serious about reducing the deficit by taxing the millionaires: "It goes to the heart of whether we are serious about reducing the deficit, as opposed to just shrinking government," a Democratic Senate aide told The Hill. My...
  11. HotlantaAl

    The Federal Deficit and Amtrak

    Negative. By your own post you said that you wanted half a million from each millionaire just to balance the annual debt. You still have 14.7 Trillion in debt that you must pay interest on. An example: Just because you balance your yearly household budget doesn’t make your mortgage go away...
  12. HotlantaAl

    The Federal Deficit and Amtrak

    The problem with that is that the forecasted annual deficit is based on the current interest rate. If you have an increase in inflation, you will result in having an increase in the interest rate. This will cause your forecast of the annual deficit to be way off and to take a significant...
  13. HotlantaAl

    The Federal Deficit and Amtrak

    The part you missed:
  14. HotlantaAl

    The Federal Deficit and Amtrak

    Number of Millionaires in America 3,104,000 ( Federal Deficit As of August 3, 2011, the gross debt was $14.70 trillion dollars ( The tax increase on each millionaire would need to...
  15. HotlantaAl

    Train status via text message

    thanks, I just tried it and it works great.
  16. HotlantaAl

    Main Hurricane Discussion Thread

    The Crescent now has been cancelled this weekend and early next week. So now I have to fly Delta to get to New Orleans. Delta put me in a center seat for the trip down, grrrrrrr.
  17. HotlantaAl

    If train is late, is full diner still available?

    As a general rule, on long distance trains I take a pack of freeze dried backpacking food that backpackers use. My perference is the Beef Stroganoff from Mountian House Foods. It comes in a small vacuum pouch and will last for years. It only takes a cup of hot water and in ten minutes you have...
  18. HotlantaAl

    Best place for LT parking in Atlanta

    Do you go to the corner of the building to get to the public parking? I see it on street view but not sure which entrance to go into.
  19. HotlantaAl

    Air conditioning on the Crescent?

    Out of 4 round trips between Atlanta and New Orleans in the past 4 months, only one leg of one trip did we lose AC in the sleeper. So it does happen from time to time.
  20. HotlantaAl

    Traveling from Atlanta to New York

    I'll 2nd that. Those coach cars get pretty cold due to the high powered AC units they have.
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