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    Brightline Ridership Number-Crunching and Analysis

    Service suspended as of today.
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    Brightline Ridership Number-Crunching and Analysis

    I can't help but think that Brightline is in a pretty precarious financial position with the virus. Normally the 5:15/5:50 PM departures from Miami are pretty close to full. It looks like they've cancelled the 5:15 PM train for the time being, and the 5:50 PM is about 35% full (based off the...
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    Viewliner II Part 2: Dining Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Possibly just in reference to the Silver Star?
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    I can see (name of train) from my window/porch/etc.

    In my old office I could view the Silver Meteor and Silver Star just north of West Palm Beach. Now I'm in a windowless shared office (yay innovation :(), but on a quiet day I can hear it rumble by.
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    NY Times: Anderson out, William Flynn in

    It looks like the new guy is taking a salary. Don’t know whether to be hopeful or not, but as others have mentioned it’s the same board that gave us Anderson.
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    Amtrak FY 2021-2025 Plans

    Hmm...maybe it's more of a personal preference than generational thing. I've had meals with only 20/30 year olds and the conversations lasted so long we were politely reminded by the dining car staff that we could continue our conversations in the lounge car. On the other hand, I've had meals...
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    Ocean brrrrr

    I rode the Ocean last month and there was an electrical issue with the train. We all had to get off in Drummondville and be bussed to Montreal. We were stuck on the train for 2 hours while they figured out how to navigate 2 Corridor trains around our long train blocking the town on the single...
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    Amtrak launching nonstop NYC-DC Acela (suspended 3/10-5/26)

    I agree. DC to NYC would need to be true HSR for Amtrak to make up a greater market share, and actually have the demand needed for non-stop service. It appears to just not be viable under existing conditions.
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    Possible Schedule Change to SB Silver Meteor - train 97

    The 2001 schedule was okay, because there was still the Star with earlier times going SB, and no dogleg to Tampa so it was similar time wise.
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    Possible Schedule Change to SB Silver Meteor - train 97

    I want to say it changed when the Silver Palm/Palmetto was truncated to Savannah in the Fall of 2004. I'm not sure how a later departure on 97 would benefit anything from a passenger perspective (from my view). At best, maybe a transfer to the Vermonter, but I'm not sure that's a big market...
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    Brightline/Virgin Trains (FEC) Update

    lol, that's surprising to no rail advocate. I think maybe one problem with some of these Florida cities is that transit, where it exists, is somewhat new. There are NIMBYs everywhere, but it is hard to cultivate support in towns like Vero Beach and Stuart where transit is practically...
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    New Auto Train Sleeping Car Menu Posted

    This doesn't really look much different than the menu I remember having when I road a year ago. The cafe menu looks like the national cafe menu, but it includes 2 of the contemporary dining choices and doesn't include pizza. I certainly wouldn't pay $16 for those contemporary dining choices.
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    Thoughts on the Adirondack (and more)

    Not complaining about the sold out train. It is what it is, and Amtrak doesn't guarantee one type of equipment or another. That's why I said I would like to see business class added to the train. As far as I could tell, it is the only New York State funded train that doesn't have business class...
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    Thoughts on the Adirondack (and more)

    I debated putting this in the Travelogues subforum, but with my final points it may be better off here. I just finished riding the Adirondack, and short of the scenery, it is probably not a trip I will take anytime soon under its current conditions. I happened to ride the day after New Years...
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    Safety Patrol Special For 2020?

    The Safety Patrol train boards and detrains at the Mangonia Park Tri-Rail station (just north of West Palm Beach). It doesn’t make any intermediate stops other than for crew changes/servicing.
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    Viewliner II Part 2: Dining Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Hartford is in Niagara Falls, NY
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    Brightline/Virgin Trains (FEC) Update

    The Meadow Woods transfer station will be absolutely useless as long as SunRail offers no service on weekends and holidays. It’s not like trains run every 10-15 minutes during the week either.
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    Amtrak funding and committment to restore Gulf coast service

    Has there been any local advocacy efforts? If you live in the city, it probably wouldn’t hurt to call their offices.
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    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    I just want the upgraded bedding and pillows. The blanket in the photo looks very cozy. My issue with the current blanket in a plastic bag is it’s often very staticky.
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    Brightline/Virgin Trains (FEC) Update

    To start with they can stop calling it a high speed railroad. That plays into the sensationalism and the belief that it is unsafe to operate.
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