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  1. Michigan Mom

    Airlines being upended

    In the midst of all the more sophisticated analyses. I'm not ever going to have a sophisticated take on anything. I just know that the stock market isn't going to take care of the people who need care the most. Stocks are not going to ensure that nursing homes are clean and well managed. The...
  2. Michigan Mom

    My Auto Train #52 Report

    Being tossed around a little bit over rough tracks never bothers me, but maybe for your journey it was extreme. Cushion any nearby hard surface. Reminds me of a road trip way back when, college days. Group of friends had been at a wedding and reception in western MI, time to drive back home...
  3. Michigan Mom

    In Transit, "Empire Builder" Film.

    And the film captures this very element of the LD charm. Traveling in Coach brings a different experience, at a different price point, that might be valued in a different way.
  4. Michigan Mom

    In Transit, "Empire Builder" Film.

    This was really a most appreciated gift at a time when distraction was, well, really appreciated. Very well done and just plain enjoyable viewing. The interspersion of train footage with the real life passenger appearances worked very well, there were a lot of subtle messages being conveyed...
  5. Michigan Mom

    In Transit, "Empire Builder" Film.

    I am looking forward to this!!
  6. Michigan Mom

    Michigan trains late!

    I can never be sure if I'm observing a trend, or if it's just something I happen to be looking at. So with heavy qualification, it "SEEMS" that there are more delays for mechanical issues on this route lately, an outright cancellation the other day (think it was 350) and 352 delayed today for...
  7. Michigan Mom

    More restrictive ticketing non refundable no changes coming March 1, 2020

    So Amtrak is reducing the Saver fare in exchange for less flexibility in usage. That is airline ticketing practices. Deep discounts available, but you're out of luck if plans change. Checking a random date in May for the Wolverine from Ann Arbor (a major boarding station) to Chicago, the...
  8. Michigan Mom

    Nice Amtrak trip review in Chicago Trib today

    Thanks for posting, reading about a long distance train trip is always a nice break
  9. Michigan Mom

    Sugested trip for for 5 from Chicago

    So 2 adults and 3 kids? Depending on the age of your kids, the room cost is going to add up. Look at either the Capitol Limited to Washington DC, or the Lake Shore Limited to New York. Both trains have some nice scenery during the daytime hours and both are a one night trip. Going to be much...
  10. Michigan Mom

    Menu on lake shore limited for coach passengers?

    Hopefully you'll have time to get something to-go from the Albany station stop. I would highly recommend bringing food with you.
  11. Michigan Mom

    Bedroom Pricing...

    There are specials and unexpected savings from time to time. I was just looking at AmSnag over the weekend and the Lake Shore Limited still has low bucket rooms available for CHI-NYP the first week in March. That is the Spring break week for Michigan and likely other schools, so I was a bit...
  12. Michigan Mom

    Best roomette on the Capitol Limited

    Never had much preference. No one roommette seems any more or less desirable than another to me. I do understand the stairs can be a real issue for many though. If possible I'd rather be farther away from the dining car although the system seems to assign rooms starting with those closest...
  13. Michigan Mom

    Trump budget cuts Amtrak (again)

    I'm not saying that I have a right to someone else's money. I simply think that others should pay their share. I've been working and paying into the system for decades. I have no problem with my tax money being used for the public good. Why should a wealthy corporation or individual pay less...
  14. Michigan Mom

    Trump budget cuts Amtrak (again)

    He also wants to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps, with full support from all his sycophants. The uber wealthy don't care about trains! They don't really care about handouts, either, they just want to ensure they get all of them. Every tax "cut" is actually a gift to someone who is...
  15. Michigan Mom

    Amtrak's New Unfriendly Group Rates Policy

    I will give you one quick scenario to show what issues a club or RR history group might face now with this policy. Again, I can see why individuals (esp. those who aren't part of a RR History group who likes to Amtrak excursions) might be happy with this new policy, but if you are part of a club...
  16. Michigan Mom

    Michigan trains late!

    Been a passenger on the Wolverine for 20 years now. It's always been what it is, board the train in Michigan, detrain in downtown Chicago, by and large I have really been delighted with this travel option. The overwhelming majority of the time you will get to where you're going within about...
  17. Michigan Mom

    To the ocean on The Ocean - November 2019

    Belated thanks for a great trip report. I am really enjoying getting caught up with these. People know and write about details that I would never notice even if I was on the same train in the same car. Just when things are piling up at work and home, so a little guilt in reading, then...
  18. Michigan Mom

    US Railroads in the Lead on Climate Change Denial

    I agree with your statement about clean air and water, however I don't agree that climate effect from man made activies is a hoax.
  19. Michigan Mom

    Two Fall Trips

    Unfortunately I don't remember his name. It's been a few years. For a while, I had a card in my wallet with his name on it, because I was trying to use the online form (Amtrak website) to convey a compliment. The form didn't work so I eventually called the 800 number. No longer have the card...
  20. Michigan Mom

    Southwest Chief: Chicago to Los Angeles - October 2017

    Read most of this at work Friday and then finished today. Enjoyable to read your adventures! EDIT of post: You know, during my lunch break!
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