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  1. Palmland

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Rather than talking about what’s wrong with the policies of the opposing political party, it would be a whole lot more productive if both parties would work together during this global crises. There will be plenty of time for politics after this is over. I realize it’s wishful thinking but this...
  2. Palmland

    US trip [train(s) and route] from North Dakota to Kansas City - 1960s

    The schedules posted by ehbowen are interesting. Even in 1966 only the Golden State had ‘Pullman Cars’. But I wonder about the Twin Star Rocket to Southern Belle connection. It would have required an overnight stay in KC. Maybe the OP can tell us if he recalls that.
  3. Palmland

    Pre-Amtrak Experience: The NEC 1960-1971

    Growing up in Wilmington, DE i often rode with my mom on her trips to Philly. MARCrider described those days well. I also remember a string of P-70’s on baseball specials to No. Philly for Phillies games with lots of cigar smoke! In early college days I would take an evening train to Washington...
  4. Palmland

    Possible Schedule Change to SB Silver Meteor - train 97

    I just noticed the online schedules are posted for May 1. No significant changes on Silver Service trains. In spite of all the talk, Amtrak (or CSX) has decided not to make any changes, at least for now.
  5. Palmland

    Pennsylvania Turnpike road trip, plus I-83

    One of my pet peeves is the inability of all states to work together to integrate their toll systems. EZ Pass seems to be the most comprehensive but it (or something similar) should be valid nationwide. In fact, why not have the transponder built into new autos, like Sirius/xm?
  6. Palmland

    New study on Scranton - NYC rail

    One of our sons just moved to Stroudsburg, PA, just west of Delaware Water Gap and Slateford. So we now get to ‘enjoy’ I-80. The D-L RR still operates from Scranton to Slateford Jct. and NS connection so filling in this gap seems like a no brainer. But without national rather than state funding...
  7. Palmland

    General consist question for NE Corridor, late 1970s

    Here is a page from Amtrak’s fall 1976 timetable. As you can see there is a healthy mix of Metroliners, LD trains with heritage cars, as well as Amfleet consists. If you’re not too locked into a specific year, mix and match Amfleet and Heritage as much as you like. Important thing is just to...
  8. Palmland

    Capitol Limited and Washington Union Station

    It goes northwest towards Harpers Ferry, WV on CSX tracks, not northeast towards Baltimore on Amtrak tracks.
  9. Palmland

    NY Times: Anderson out, William Flynn in

    I knew him as a sales director at CSX before being promoted to other positions and eventually head of Merchandise Service (sales and marketing). He left in 2002. He can certainly 'speak railroad' but not sure what skills he brings as far as passenger rail or transit. Apparently that's no longer...
  10. Palmland

    Packing question

    We’re in the minimalist camp. Have never checked a bag on Amtrak. If it doesn’t fit in the roller bag it doesn’t go. Two exceptions- for an extended 2-3 week trip we’ll include a backpack with electronics and outer wear. Other exception- a bottle of wine. That’s becoming increasingly important...
  11. Palmland

    Just for fun - upper or lower?

    I’m relegated to the top berth. Like it on Viewliner, hate it on Superliner. The hard part on Superliners used to be getting in/out with the low head clearance and netting in the way. Much easier now that I’ve learned to take down the netting. Haven’t fallen out yet and I’ll take my chances in...
  12. Palmland

    Amtrak Mesa to Phoenix 1980s

    Early in my working days I was filling in for a manager on vacation and was working at a small office near the small B&O Grant st. station downtown Pittsburgh. Each morning a couple B&O RDC’s would bring the morning train into town (not the P&LE one other trains used). Someone in the office used...
  13. Palmland

    Auto train review

    I'm not sure what was the cause of the OP's displeasure with the trip. Coach and sleeper have always had just a continental breakfast (and never has been very good). I would think you could just eat it in the coach CCC rather than take it back to your seat, as he indicated was required. No...
  14. Palmland

    CHI-LAX Southwest Chief

    Excellent report, Shortline. We’ve only had one trip in the Family room and agree it’s a good alternative to a bedroom especially if the price is right as you encountered. Liked having the two windows but wished they were larger. Unfortunately being able to have windows on both sides won’t be...
  15. Palmland

    Amtrak Pennsylvanian Fleet Change

    I rode 89 and 90 a couple weeks ago. It had AM-II’s. Anyone know why baggage cars are on the rear. It would be nice to have a buffer from the engine for first coach with horn blowing for all grade crossings in the Carolinas.
  16. Palmland

    Music Across America

    Thanks for your insight, Seaboard. On our trips this fall on western trains I had the same reaction. Crews more consistently seem to be trying to do a good job and have good attitudes. The same with my trip last week on the Palmetto. Maybe it’s the fear of being the target of the next job cuts...
  17. Palmland

    Music Across America

    Enjoyed the report and always, as always, Seaboard. Care to summarize your thoughts on Amtrak western trains for food, OBS staff service, equipment, host rr performmance as compared to earlier trips? Any appreciable difference under the Anderson regime? If you enjoy the northwest, how about a...
  18. Palmland

    New National Menu February, 2020

    I agree the Sunset needs a new purpose. On our recent trip ridership was light, particularly east of San Antonio where many passengers were connecting to the Texas Eagle. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the train routed to Dallas/Ft Worth instead, as Neroden suggests, using the former T&P...
  19. Palmland

    Richard Anderson replacing Wick Moorman as Amtrak CEO

    Gotta disagree with this. Southwest planes are clean, the crews are friendly, in many cases they have terminals or concourses that are delightful (thinking of Houston Hobby and the new concourse at Charlotte), no silly fees, and I like their seating procedures where there aren’t five different...
  20. Palmland

    New National Menu February, 2020

    Seems like there are more choices. The Cubano bowl sounds good. Now all they have to do is something similar with the flex dining menu.
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