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    Airlines being upended

    If the government did have a place at the table, would that not be something like "nationalism" on the order of what the UK once did? (Or maybe still does? Unsure of British politics.) Re: possible "stock buybacks and executive compensation", it is my understanding that such are specifically...
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    Locomotive Engineer Derailed Train to Wreck Navy Hospital Ship Mercy Over Coronavirus Suspicions

    The Judge: How do you plead? The Attorney for the defendant: Not guilty by reason of insanity.
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    Airlines being upended

    Oh, I hope not for the sake of the small and medium sized airports.
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    Superliner Bedroom - Dumb question

    In January when I took the Auto Train North, my roomette was in such a car. It's called a "Deluxe Sleeper". I think the SCA used one of the two empty roomettes on the lower level. Or, maybe the H room or the Family Bedroom. When I retired for the evening, both of those rooms doors were open...
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    Auto train derailment south of Deland 3/26

    Not being very savy about railroading, why are you saying this?
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    Please Mr. Anderson (sleeping suites in coach?)

    It is such a set up. Not too easy, given the background noise, to converse at times. A small seat is provided for a couple to dine together in one of the Suites. But, it's not ideal. No disagreement with your statement. People like having their own individual facilities, I think. As...
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    By Train into the Wilds.......

    I enjoyed reading your report and viewing the photos. Thank you very much!
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    Please Mr. Anderson (sleeping suites in coach?)

    Maybe a return to the Slumbercoaches concept would be the best way to go. Having enjoyed such a "Delta One" concept on a few Delta flights and one Singapore Airlines flight, it is surely better than Economy or Premium Economy seating. Being able to "sleep" in such a restricted space when one...
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    Maine March Madness 2020 with an Acela First Class Food report

    MARC Rider, Thanks for your reply. Indian Pudding sounds tasty.
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    California Zephyr - Chicago to San Francisco in the Winter

    Thank you for posting your enjoyable video! I rode the California Zephyr on this same route several years ago during February. It was one of the most beautiful and scenic train trips I have taken. Your video brought back very fond memories.
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    Maine March Madness 2020 with an Acela First Class Food report

    Interesting! Swordfish over beans? That's a new way of serving such a dish. Can you describe what Indian Pudding is like? Is it maybe like a Plum Pudding? Looking forward to the next installment!
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    Favorite snacks to bring on board ... your car

    Probably will have some hard candy available or some M&M's. Always will have a few cans of 7-Up and a bottle of CC for Happy Hour when I get to wherever for the day. Maybe a bag of chips as well. If I am going to have to buy my breakfast the next morning in the hotel's restaurant, I will...
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    Use this thread for member questions about s/w upgrade please.

    I did see the notice. My previous password would not work when the Forum became live again. I tried repeatedly over 2 days. Zip. I needed to make a new password in order to gain access. Why does clicking on a thread to get to the most recent unread post an improvement over clicking on an...
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    Use this thread for member questions about s/w upgrade please.

    Did not know it was coming. Could not access it for the last few days. Finally, just able to access the Forum this evening. I see no advantages to the "improvement" other than more ads and requests to sign in to Google. There appears to be no icon next to the topics on which to click to go...
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    Waiting room for Autotrain Sanford

    The Sanford station is large and there were plenty of opportunities to separate oneself from others. I would not be concerned. My trip North was in late January and the conditions surely may have changed. But, I think, if you feel a need to get away from other passengers in the Station, you...
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    Savannah vs Ft Laudrdale Baggage - Two different Amtraks?

    Airlines will do the same thing. I have had luggage checked in shortly before an earlier flight to my destination departs. That luggage somehow got on that flight. The luggage arrived before I did. When I was waiting for it to appear at baggage claim and it didn't: that was a blood pressure...
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    Favorite snacks to bring onboard

    I did not know that the same company produced all of those brands. Thanks for the information. Several of the brands are frequently on my shopping list.
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    Viewliner II Part 2: Dining Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    The diners may be returning? That's the most encouraging news that I have heard today.
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    Favorite snacks to bring onboard

    I enjoy doing that as well. As you said, buying a bottle, drinking half, and then finishing it during or after dinner is a money saver as compared to buying by the glass.
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