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    FreightCar America

    FreightCar America has announced plans to close its Cherokee AL plant by the end of the year and move those to Mexico.
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    Amtrak Advertising

    I enjoy going to YouTube and watching the old Amtrak advertising. Some of them could updated to current advertising.
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    Writing (US Mail) to Amtrak

    After getting ignored by customer relations, I wrote to the Chairman of the Board. I had the information I was seeking in about three weeks.
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    Small cities losing airline service

    Does AA plan to return to any of these cities when this virus is over? I used to work at CCAIR which provided USAirways Express service between Charlotte and Greenville, NC. Greenville was one of our best routes. Routinely we carried over 4,000 passengers a month.
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    Infill Amtrak stops

    I looked up things to do at/near Pell City and Honda and the speedway came up.
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    Amtrak serving every state capital

    Montgomery, AL. You could split the Crescent in Atlanta and have a southern Crescent that goes Auburn, AL, Montgomery, AL continuing to Jackson, MS and Dallas.
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    Infill Amtrak stops

    On the Crescent route you have Leeds, AL which is 18 miles east of B'ham with a population of 12,000. Then there is Pell City, AL which is 30 miles east of B'ham with a population of 14,000. At or near Pell City is a Honda plant an Talladega Motor Speedway.
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    Small plane discussion

    When I was about 7 -8 years old, the town we lived in (Atmore, AL) began to develop its airport.When it opened it had a grass runway. I talked my parents into riding to it because they were giving free rides to anyone who wanted to go.My mother let me and my brother for a ride, but she was...
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    Nominees for Amtrak BOD

    Trump also re-nominated Todd Rokita to the Amtrak Board. I have contacted my Senators (Rubio and Scott) asking them to oppose this nomination reaches Senate floor for confirmation.
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    Icelandic Airlines

    As of Friday 17 July, Icelandic Airlines has fired all of its flight attendants according to Airways Magazine. Further contract negotiations broke down after a contract that had been agreed to was voted down. Starting Monday 20 July surplus pilots will be used to provide safety and inflight...
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    Airline and Regional Rail Code Shares

    Back in April the French govt. told Air France that it can no longer compete with the TGV for point to point traffic where the train trip is 2.5 hours or less. Some routes affected are CDG and ORY to Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes and Rennes. AF can still operate flights to these cities and long as all...
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    Gateway Project/NYP Capacity Improvement

    I was thinking 1/3 Federal, 1/3 NY, 1/3 NJ should get the Fed's on board for the tunnels.
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    The first "Air Force One"

    In 2004 when George Bush was running for a 2nd term, he came to Farmington, NM and flew in on a B757.
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    Train 8 Oct 31 (over 12 hours late)

    What is happening with train 8 Empire Builder for 31 Oct. It is over 12 hours late.
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    Railway Age column on splitting Amtrak to two operations

    I posted a thread suggesting this same idea a few weeks back under the Amtrak Future Forum and got slammed for it. I really like the idea.
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    What would you add?

    Extend the Southwest Chief to San Diego.
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    Amtrak Long Distance Food

    Some programming changes would need to be made to the res system, When making your reservation you are shown menus for you train and you select your meals at that time if you so desire. If you haven't made your meal selections by 72 hours before departure, you are sent a text or e-mail reminding...
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    Amtrak Long Distance Food

    Why not contract with a restaurant chain like Applebee's, Chili's or Ruby Tuesday.
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    Amtrak Long Distance Food

    Staff it with a skeleton crew overnight, then fully staff it during the day. That's my idea anyway. Is it really true they even start running out of food after the first sitting on long distance trains.