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    SWC #3 chi-LAX

    I was hoping to see you on the Gathering last night, Steve. In reading this, I see that about the time it started you were busy. I probably would have reacted the same way you did at Amtrak's asinine procedures these days.
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    Inconsistent Service: A bigger problem than the food?

    I'm in the retired category. Physical limitations make travel very difficult. My mind is willing, but my body isn't. My advice is to travel as much as you can while you can. I did, and I'm happy to have those memories.
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    How do feel about riding "Coach" ?

    Now that I am not playing the points game anymore, I did an overnight in coach from CHI to WAS in October. Oh yes! It was uncomfortable! But I really, really love the camaraderie of the people in coach. I can easily forget the overnights in sleepers, but the good memories of conversations...
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    Problem booking 2 for 1 promo

    I tried the link and spent about another 45 minutes on the link and through the email and it is still not giving me the two for one. The link didn't help. This really has me puzzled.
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    Problem booking 2 for 1 promo

    I have tried several times with various dates in April. Haven't tried other months, but while it shows "promo applied", the fare for two is twice the amount that it is for one without the promo. Although I am disabled, I have tried it both with and without disabled. I believe I have tried...
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    Traveling by Coach

    I'm back from a coach trip on the CL. This was the first time I had been in coach in about 15 years. Just didn't have enough points for a room. Prior to joining AGR, all of my trips were in coach, but now, 15 years later and 15 years older, it's a little harder, but just as much fun. I had never...
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    There are outlets at each seat and with a portable unit, she should be able to charge the...

    There are outlets at each seat and with a portable unit, she should be able to charge the battery. She'll need to maybe just stay seated to preserve her energy while it is charging. This might be a duplicate reply because I did answer your question earlier, but I'm not sure if it went through.
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    Lower Level TA Help

    Thanks, Betty. All of our tickets show us as disabled except my ticket from WAS to BNL. I was sure that the agent did that. I didn't check it until now. I'll get that corrected.
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    Lower Level TA Help

    Having survived lung cancer not quite a year ago, my friend and I decided it was time to take a trip to WAS. The problem is that I haven't done anything with AGR in a couple of years and therefore, we're going in coach. So me with my walker and oxygen and my friend and her walker are going to...
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    Questions (Amtrak vs Greyhound, DEN to ORL)?

    As another person said, please do look into Amtrak Guest Rewards. If you apply for their credit card now, and use that credit card per their required amount, it might help toward the price of the ticket. If the points don't cover the entire trip, maybe it could cover some of the segments for...
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    Questions (Amtrak vs Greyhound, DEN to ORL)?

    If you have never traveled on Greyhound, you should do it once. That way you will know you never want to do it again. I don't have any experience with power chairs, but I once traveled from Chicago to Orlando. Everyone told me I would be sorry I did it. I was. Another time I took Greyhound...
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    Ethan Allen Express

    Yes, definitely rent a car. My friend and I did that a couple of years ago and drove up through the Green Mountains. You should see plenty of fall colors through the winding mountain roads. Rutland is a small, old town from which my friend's grandparents traveled from to Illinois in a covered...
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    Healing thoughts for Everydaymatters

    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I'll know more on Wednesday.
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    Hostile Dining Car Attendants

    It's been so many years since there were Crew Chiefs on the trains that I can't remember how the crew was. It must have been ok because nothing stands out. In fact, I know a person who was a Crew Chief. He wrote up his entire crew for "bad attitude". True story, he's a relative. I don't see...
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    Thank you AU

    It's great having you here. We now know you are an young energetic, intelligent, level-headed foodie. Add me to the list of people who enjoy reading your posts.
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    Alan Burden Memorial Service

    Ryan, thank you. I'm not holding back any more. The tears for my friend, the depth of my feeling for losing my friend are out now.
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    What's your favourite? Cardinal or Lake Shore Limited

    I have taken both the Cardinal and the LSL a couple of times. I prefer the Card for the scenery. The LSL has rough tracks causing a bumpy ride.
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    Alan Burden (AlanB)

    I'm stunned. Still processing this. Back in 2007 six of us started the "Get Together", as it was called then, with Alan at the helm. After one of the original Committee Members resigned, Alan brought in Penny and I was no longer the only female committee member. Then came Joe. Then the "other...
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    Leaving AU

    You most certainly do have something to contribute! I am one of those who don't know what brought this on. Maybe you just need to take a break? A day or two off? As someone else said, you are one of the best younger members we've had here. You have gained our respect.
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    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    Curious about how the crew is fed? I'm thinking their meals probably come from the cafe. I mean, how much of the same thing can they take, trip after trip.