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    Problem booking 2 for 1 promo

    I have tried several times with various dates in April. Haven't tried other months, but while it shows "promo applied", the fare for two is twice the amount that it is for one without the promo. Although I am disabled, I have tried it both with and without disabled. I believe I have tried...
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    Traveling by Coach

    I'm back from a coach trip on the CL. This was the first time I had been in coach in about 15 years. Just didn't have enough points for a room. Prior to joining AGR, all of my trips were in coach, but now, 15 years later and 15 years older, it's a little harder, but just as much fun. I had never...
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    Lower Level TA Help

    Having survived lung cancer not quite a year ago, my friend and I decided it was time to take a trip to WAS. The problem is that I haven't done anything with AGR in a couple of years and therefore, we're going in coach. So me with my walker and oxygen and my friend and her walker are going to...
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    National Railroad Hall of Fame

    In the Northwest Herald in Crystal Lake, IL, it states that Galesburg was designated by Federal Officials in 2003. They're still raising funds and construction won't start until 2019. The Galesburg Register Mail states that they will launch a website in the first half of 2018. Also, there is...
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    Seriously? $1.50? (AGR credit card fee)

    Two of my insurance bills are automatically charged to my AGR account. I always pay it off when I get the bill. My latest bill shows a $1.50 "mininum interest charge". I have never had that happen on any of my other credit cards and I find it kind of, well, tacky and cheap! We all know they...
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    Nobody Goes to Vermont in the Summer! And New to Using Accessible

    Fall is the best time for the leaf peepers, but my friend and I decided to go in August. Our decision was based on the Amtrak fares for August vs. Fall months. My walking abilities have severely decreased, as has my ability to breathe, so this was my first experience going as an accessible...
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    Taxi to NYP

    I can't find it now, but in the past couple of days someone posted about a taxi to New York Penn dropping him off at a door that had only stairs and an escalator. To avoid that, where should we ask the driver to drop us off?
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    Suitcases in Chicago

    Now that CUS has been remodeled, what is the procedures for checked luggage? When we arrive in CHI, is the conveyor still there? If we want to check our suitcases for a few hours after arrival, are there still lockers somewhere? Edit: We will be in a sleeper coming into Chicago, but from...
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    How Many Sleepers on the Cardinal?

    With the construction going on at NYP, have they added another sleeper on the Cardinal? I thought the Cardinal had only three bedrooms, but I have one of the bedrooms for my August trip and the Amtrak site is showing three bedrooms are available. Have they added another sleeper or is this an...
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    Question About Insulin

    What do you folks who need insulin do to keep it cool? My friend and I will be taking a trip next month. I know this has been brought up before, but I didn't pay enough attention. TIA
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    Chicago Metra Rehab

    As Metra rehabs its cars and acquires new cars, there will be arm rests on the aisle seats and cup holders which will be able to hold the large size drinks. Also better head, neck and lumbar support. The seats will not rotate and half will be facing forward. Only seats that need to be replaced...
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    Surly AGR Agents

    I am really disgusted with being talked to by AGR agents who are going to control the conversation, even when there is nothing to control! This has happened twice in the last 3 days. The first one was obviously a new agent as she put me on hold several times, presumably because she didn't know...
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    First Time Using H Room...Questions

    What type of written proof is required? I have the placard I use on my car. I could print out the summary from my last visit to the doctor, if I can find it. I already have my tickets, at what point do I have to present the written proof and what written proof should I take with me? Does the...
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    Problem Re My Future Trip to Vermont

    I have a ticket on the Ethan Allen Express from Rutland to Albany on August 19. That is Train #292. Tickets are still being sold for #292 on 8/19. However, there are two schedules on the Amtrak website for the Vermonter/Ethan Allen Express. The first one that shows up when you are in...
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    Tour Kiosk in NYP?

    Is there a place to buy tickets for tours at NYP? I'm thinking of Greyhound or Viator tours. TIA
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    Viewliner Upper Bunk

    The upper bunk on a Superliner is known for being uncomfortable because of the lack of head room, and difficulty of getting into and out of, but not much is said about the top bed on a Viewliner. A friend and I will be taking the Cardinal and the Lake Shore Limited. Is there enough room to...
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    Chicago History Museum on Clark

    How can I get there from CUS on RTA? This is my favorite museum in Chicago and I haven't been there in 25 years. I use a walker, so please consider that in any replies. Thanks, Betty
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    I just got an email offering points for booking hotels through Rocketmiles. It looks good. Has anyone used this?
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    Another Cancellation Question

    My friend used her credit card to make a reservation back in October. Now she want to cancel it. From the time she made the reservation to now, the card has been hacked and she was sent a replacement. When she cancels her reservation, will her original card be credited? It no longer exists...
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    Why Don't ALL Crew Members Have Radios?

    A few years ago #5 was hit by a truck and one crew member had to hand his radio to another crew member because he was incapacitated. I have seen a SA struggle to get a man in a wheel chair off the train in GBB. Somehow he, the daughter of the man, and I managed to get the job done. The SA...