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  1. Trainmans daughter

    Forum member Sheela Hilton (sunchaser)

    Longtime member, Sheela Hilton passed away this morning from non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. She had been fighting this for about a year and had recently been on hospice care. When I first joined AU in 2008, she was a very active member and very knowledgeable about trains. She hasnt posted for quite some...
  2. Trainmans daughter

    BWI shuttle from airport to train station

    Its been years since I took this shuttle, and I cant remember how its done. I do remember people on this forum gave me the info I needed and was able to jump on the shuttle and get to the station without drama. But that was then and this is now. I need someone to jog my memory for my upcoming...
  3. Trainmans daughter

    Map help?

    Help! My husband is driving me nuts this morning. He is looking for a map that shows both Amtrak routes and highways. "You can drive, or take the train, but you can't do both"! Now he is getting grumpy about it. So hurry and send me a link to such a map, if such a map exists.
  4. Trainmans daughter

    Help needed figuring out NY Penn Station

    My granddaughter and I will be off on another train adventure in June. We will spend a couple of days in NY city before heading down to FBG. From there we will take VRE to and from DC for a few more days. After checking out of our NY hotel, we want to store our luggage for a few hours while we...
  5. Trainmans daughter

    Unchecked baggage on a viewliner

    My granddaughter and I are taking a trip from California to New York, DC and Virginia in June. On our return trip, one segment will be from Manassas to Chicago. We have never ridden in a viewliner roomette and are wondering what we will do with our suitcase, since MSS has no baggage check. We...
  6. Trainmans daughter

    Fire at Cajon Pass

    Anybody know if the track going through the Cajon Pass is involved? Wondering if SWC will be impacted. The fire is on both sides of I-15 and has burned several cars and trucks which were trapped on the freeway. How far is the fire from the tracks?
  7. Trainmans daughter

    Blowing out the steam passages on southern 4501

    My old high school Chemistry teacher works at a forge in Tennessee and sometimes helps make parts for some of the equipment at the train museum in Chattanooga. Here is a great video he posted on Facebook today of one of the loco he has helped with.
  8. Trainmans daughter

    Our New Year's Trip--Vanilla vs. Rocky Road with Nuts!

    The day after Christmas, my 11 year old granddaughter and I set out on our much anticipated trip to Virginia to visit my son and his family in Spotsylvania. We hadn't seen them in 2 1/2 years and her "cousin time" and my 'grandkid time" was way overdue. Was started our journey in Oroville CA...
  9. Trainmans daughter

    But Did She Ever Return?

    I am presently on #29 just west of Sandusky. This is the train that we boarded in Pittsburgh last night after a delightful bustitution from WAS. I woke up this morning to read an email from Amtrak informing me that my connection train #3 has been cancelled. I called the number provided and was...
  10. Trainmans daughter

    Typically, how crowded are trains Dec. 26th?

    I'm traveling from SAC to CHI the day after Christmas and am debating whether to check my suitcase or store it in the downstairs luggage rack. I'd kind of like to have it accessible during the trip, but if the rack is stuffed it would probably be better to have it ride in the baggage car. I'm...
  11. Trainmans daughter

    AAPRCO in Napa

    (I hope I got the intials right in the title!) Nice pictures. I got a kick out of the lady drinking wine from Grgich winery in a plastic cup. With all the opulence in those cars, and all the $$ spent on them, can't they afford real wine glasses...
  12. Trainmans daughter

    Chicago Hotel

    After Christmas, my granddaughter and I are going to Virginia with a 1-night layover in Chicago. I found a good rate at the Hilton at 720 S. Michigan Ave. Besides it being a good price, it is close to the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium which I thought we might go to before the Cap Ltd...
  13. Trainmans daughter

    A couple of Checked Baggage Questions

    In December, we are traveling from SAC to FBG, with an overnight stop in CHI. During our layover in CHI, can we leave our luggage at Union Station as we will have what we need for our hotel that night in our carryons? It sure would be easier not to have to lug an unneeded suitcase to the hotel...
  14. Trainmans daughter

    December Black-out Dates

    I had been mulling over taking a trip (my first AGR redemption) right after Christmas to see my kids in Virginia. However, Dec. 28-29 are black-out dates. I had been planning on leaving from here on the 26th and it's a 3 day trip. So I could get as far as somewhere in the middle of a cornfield...
  15. Trainmans daughter

    Chase Credit Card Points

    Forgive me if this has been discussed before, as I suspect it has. I'm new to figuring out AGR points, so I'll probably repeat other topics in the future. My question today is this: My mother-in-law recently got an Amtrak Chase card with the intention of transferring her points to me...
  16. Trainmans daughter

    My First Complaint Letter - feeling kind of bad right now

    After more than 20,000 Amtrak miles and many letters of commendation, I just sent Amtrak my first complaint. I gave this lots of thought, because people's careers are involved. But I just felt this was something I had to do. Last week, my sister and I took an overnight trip to SF. This was her...
  17. Trainmans daughter

    Taxi service at Spokane station

    We will be arriving in SPK on #28 in the wee hours of the morning Oct. 5. Hubby said to me this morning, "I wonder if there will be taxis waiting at the station at that hour to take us to our hotel?". I told him I could have the answer to his question in a matter of minutes by asking my...
  18. Trainmans daughter

    Diner meals to go

    When I accompany my mom-in-law to OXN next month, we will be sitting on the lower level due to her inability to navigate the stairs. We will bring some food with us, but my granddaughter and I are planning to eat breakfast in the diner. Would we be allowed to buy a breakfast-to-go to take...
  19. Trainmans daughter

    Passenger Services Issue

    I just received the following service advisory from Cap Corridor......"Train 536 is delayed 18 minutes between Sacramento and Roseville due to Passenger Services issue" I have never seen this type of advisory. What could this mean? Just curious.
  20. Trainmans daughter

    Non-disabled people in lower level coach

    Up until the last couple of years, my mother-in-law and her sister would take the train to visit each other - Chico to Oxnard. Recently, it has become too hard for them to do this, as they both have mobility issues now. In October, my granddaughter and I are planning a to take mom-in-oaw on...