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  1. Trainmans daughter

    Coast Starlight Disrupted by Carr Fire in Redding

    I think the decision to not have a bus bridge is a good one. As of right now, the mandatory evacuation area extends to I5 just north of Redding. This fire is very active and unpredictable. Its possible that the interstate could be shut down, and having a bus load of passenger stranded along the...
  2. Trainmans daughter

    Taking a Sewing Machine on Amtrak

    Just some random guy on the CZ a few years ago. I didnt want him to see me take his pic, so I tried to hide my camera as I walked past him. Thus the focus fail!
  3. Trainmans daughter

    Hotels close to EMY station?

    This is the Hyatt. You can see how convenient it is to the station.
  4. Trainmans daughter

    Starlight: Business Class Eugene to Sacramento

    Southbound through the Cascades I like to be on the left side. The views are better, in my opinion.
  5. Trainmans daughter

    Staff hogging space in the cafe

    Sometimes photos show the good stuff!
  6. Trainmans daughter

    Forum member Sheela Hilton (sunchaser)

    Longtime member, Sheela Hilton passed away this morning from non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. She had been fighting this for about a year and had recently been on hospice care. When I first joined AU in 2008, she was a very active member and very knowledgeable about trains. She hasnt posted for quite some...
  7. Trainmans daughter

    BWI shuttle from airport to train station

    Thanks! Same goes for you if ever you find yourself coming through Chico and need someone to meet you during the station stop at 2am with an In-and-Out burger or something.
  8. Trainmans daughter

    BWI shuttle from airport to train station

    Thanks! You’ve all been a big help, especially with the photos.
  9. Trainmans daughter

    BWI shuttle from airport to train station

    Its been years since I took this shuttle, and I cant remember how its done. I do remember people on this forum gave me the info I needed and was able to jump on the shuttle and get to the station without drama. But that was then and this is now. I need someone to jog my memory for my upcoming...
  10. Trainmans daughter

    What did I see midafternoon yesterday (10/6) at SAC?

    I have dined on the Delta King a few times myself and can understand how that can happen.
  11. Trainmans daughter

    What did I see midafternoon yesterday (10/6) at SAC?

    If it was heading toward the Capitol around that time, it was probably a California Corridor train. (#5 would have been going away from SAC).
  12. Trainmans daughter

    Hotels near NYP

    Last June, my granddaughter and I stayed 2 nights at Hotel St. James on 45th street between 5th and 6th Avenues, just a half a block from Time Square. I have 3 requirements when rating a hotel--safe, clean, and comfortable. This hotel met all three. It's pretty old and the room was small...
  13. Trainmans daughter

    Need tips on Sacramento

    In Sacramento, Embassy Suites gets my vote. The free cooked-to-order breakfast and the nightly reception with snacks and drinks helps make up for the rather high price. All suites are two rooms with a little kitchenette area between. Lots of rooms have a river view and the tower bridge at night...
  14. Trainmans daughter

    Ways to entertain an adult man.

    Good luck. It was a whole lot easier to entertain a 7 year old than a 65 year old grandpa on our first trip. The fact that he's hyperactive didn't help. But he found people to talk to and generally had a good time.
  15. Trainmans daughter

    Richard Anderson replacing Wick Moorman as Amtrak CEO

    My first thought was the same as GML. But then I saw the photo and realized this is not the same Richard Anderson. Too bad.....MacGyver would be great for Amtrak,and he's adorable, too.
  16. Trainmans daughter

    New Year's Eve on the CS

    My hubby and I did this a few years ago. There was a really nice group ready to celebrate on the Pacific Parlour Car. It wasn't crowded, so we didn't feel guilty planting ourselves in our seats early in the evening. Our car attendant, the famous and fabulous Debby, served drinks until she went...
  17. Trainmans daughter

    Train photographer Manda Hart Baldwin

    Thanks for posting this, Charlie. I love her beautiful photos!
  18. Trainmans daughter

    Map help?

    Thank you!
  19. Trainmans daughter

    Map help?

    Thanks! That's a great map.
  20. Trainmans daughter

    Map help?

    i don't know if we will really move anywhere, but our sweet Miki will be off to college in 3 years, so our reason for staying here will be gone. We have a son in Virginia with kids we rarely see, so hubby is thinking maybe somewhere out that direction. Although California is an awful state for...