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  1. Maglev

    Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

    I found some photos of the Durango and Silverton. It was part of a fantastic excursion around the Four Corners area in 1990. We also stayed at Mesa Verde National Park, rode the Grand Canyon Railroad, and rode horses into Havasu Canyon. My wife was a big fan of Zane Grey, and we visited his...
  2. Maglev

    Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

    For me, the Durango and Silverton was indeed the trip of a lifetime. To spend a beautiful day riding a steam-powered train in some of the most dramatic scenery on earth would be memorable for anyone. We upgraded to the parlor car on the end of the train, and were able to sip champagne on the...
  3. Maglev

    Long distance trains now sold out, NEC still burning cash..

    Don't forget Interstate's H-1, H-2 and H-3 on Oahu. H-3 may also hold some records for construction cost per mile.
  4. Maglev

    Amendment to CR blocking furloughs and thrice weekly long distance trains

    Here is the discussion: https://www.amtraktrains.com/threads/amendment-to-cr-blocking-furloughs-and-3x-ld.77836/page-3#post-860294 MODERATOR NOTE: the 2 threads were merged
  5. Maglev

    Ferries, Ferries, and still more Ferries

    As most transportation systems, the Washington State Ferries have suffered ridership and revenue reductions from COVID-19. Schedules would normally have been increased in the Spring and Summer, but WSF remained on a Winter schedule all year. Because many staff were in vulnerable age groups...
  6. Maglev

    How Small is Bedroom A on Superliners?

    I chose Bedroom A for all three legs of a six-night, circle-west trip, but I was alone in the room. Just the fact that my wife likes her suitcase in the room would make A inconvenient for travel with her (cooler goes under chair, backpack goes on shelf). But being alone, I would find that I...
  7. Maglev

    How Covid safe are Amtrak sleepers?

    I am amazed at the mildew that forms on my house exterior from the humidity expelled through our bedroom window. Do these droplets carry disease? I would not feel safe sleeping in a Roomette just a couple feet away from another person, and think I would have to spring for a Bedroom.
  8. Maglev

    Meals in the room?

    Regarding the DB menu, I see French Fries. Didn't Amtrak at one time serve French Fries?
  9. Maglev

    Joe Biden Campaign Train

    I've seen some video of the train in Pittsburgh on Facebook. The consist appears to be 2 Genesis locos, an Amfleet Cafe, two Amfleet coaches, another Amfleet cafe, a Viewliner diner, another Amfleet coach, then the 10004 American View.
  10. Maglev

    Meals in the room?

    I gave a $20 tip to an SCA who gave poor service. The look of shock on his face was priceless!
  11. Maglev

    Los Angeles

    Twice while on layovers in LA, I have stayed at the Westin Bonaventure. It's about a $15 cab ride to Union Station. I paid extra for an upper floor room with a view--some of the other rooms' views are restricted, and your window might be looking into a glass elevator. The cafe in the lobby on...
  12. Maglev

    Crew base in Atlanta?

    Current plans are to reduce the workforce. https://www.washingtonpost.com/transportation/2020/09/03/amtrak-furlough-more-than-2000-employees-end-september/
  13. Maglev

    Most scenic parts of Amtrak routes traversed during the night?

    Thanks for posting that! I crossed that bridge westbound in 1977, and somewhere have a photo of it (that was one of only a dozen pictures I took with my Instamatic camera on that trip).
  14. Maglev

    Most scenic parts of Amtrak routes traversed during the night?

    The eastbound Sunset / Eagle crosses the Pecos River High Bridge in the night, and trains in both directions miss the Salton Sea.
  15. Maglev

    Cruise ship discussion

    Funny that I come to this thread and see mention of the only cruise ship I have ever sailed on, the Ecstacy. We had a Veranda cabin for a three- or four-night cruise to Ensenada. It was in fact shortly after 9-11, and we were buzzed by fighter jets twice during the cruise. My first wife also...
  16. Maglev

    Bedroom vs Family room

    The only extra noise I have ever noticed downstairs was an occasional swishing sound from the Empire Builder kicking up ice and snow when I was in the Family Bedroom. Although there was snow almost the whole trip, I only noticed the noise about once every five or ten minutes on the first night...
  17. Maglev

    Bedroom vs Family room

    The Bedroom dimensions are 7.5' x 6.5', so that includes the bathroom. I have traveled in a Family Bedroom alone and with my wife, but we don't have kids. My wife really didn't like having to share a bathroom, especially at night. For two people, the seating situation in a Bedroom is...
  18. Maglev

    Bedroom vs Family room

    I had to check this, since I said the Bedroom seemed more spacious. Bedrooms are 48.75 square feet, and Family Bedrooms are 48.65 square feet--but the latter dimension doesn't include the extra space in a Family room by the door, so the Family room is probably a little bigger.
  19. Maglev

    Bedroom vs Family room

    I have done both with two and I prefer the Bedroom. It's nice to have your own sink, shower and toilet, and it actually feels more spacious as well as having more comfortable seating. The small windows in the Family room really hamper your view.