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    Cost per mile of any long distance train

    What is the best and cheapest cost per mile in a sleeper of any long distance train? I'm coming up with the Texas Eagle or the Empire Builder but I'm really not adept at figuring out mathematically the rate. And I'm discounting the coronavirus threat.
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    Chillicothe MO Amtrak stop

    Has there ever been a request to add a Chillicothe MO stop to the Southwest Chief, which would be midway between LaPlata and Kansas City?
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    Cheapest per mile long distance rail ride

    Is there any long distance route that is cheaper than the New Orleans-Chicago fare at $245 (senior) in a roomette?
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    History of Pullman porters

    Rion, 58 Sleeper Guy, https://www.facebook.com/58SleeperGuy/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf posted a great video of early Pullman attendants: https://www.facebook.com/timelinenews/videos/1717874504902673/
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    58/59 City of New Orleans Sleeping Car Attendant

    If ever there was a popularity poll for favorite SCA's, I would definitely recommend Rion on the City of New Orleans. Here's his facebook page, which gives you an idea of how much he loves his job and how he's liked by his followers: https://www.facebook.com/58SleeperGuy/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf...
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    Amtrak's confusing refund policy

    I requested a refund and my choices were a full refund evoucher or a refund of the amount less 20%. I choice the evoucher. When I checked my online Amtrak account for evouchers, it was noted that I could receive a full refund, so I called the refund department and was promptly issued a full...
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    Canadian "Amsnag"

    Is there an equivalent site for Canadian rail fares comparable to Amsnag?
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    Disillusionment with Amtrak sleeper perks

    The City of New Orleans from New Orleans to Chicago disillusioned me on more long distance train travel. Even though the sleeping car attendant (Rion) was excellent, the dining car menu should have been titled "TV Dinner Menu". It was a farce. The choices could easily have been added to the...
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    Smoking onboard and less than acceptable service

    Someone detected a smoke odor and it created a major concern with all of the conductors and sleeping car attendants,..........accusations abrupted and certain passengers were accused in my viewliner sleeper car. One conductor went from cabin to cabin spraying Febreze. All of the Amtrak...
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    Reward points vs buying points = buying points is cheaper!

    If I buy a ticket for $1000, I get 2000 reward points. If I buy points for 2000, I pay $75.40 Why shouldn't I just buy points to get better results. What am I missing?
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    Superliner A room vs other deluxe rooms

    I know the A deluxe sleeper is smaller than the other deluxe sleepers and it's farther from the beverage station but for one occupant, it seems to be a better layout, especially to exit the sleeper. I ask because I'm soon to book a sleeper to New Orleans.
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    Private waiting area available in St. Paul-Minneapolis

    Any info on private waiting area available in St. Paul-Minneapolis for Sleeping car passengers as shown in the latest Empire Builder schedule? I'll be traveling r/t from Chicago to Minneapolis this week in a sleeper.
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    Late dinner out of St Louis on Texas Eagle

    According to Amtrak.com the dinner times are: 5-9:30p, last seating at 8:30p If the Eagle going south is late leaving St Louis, will there still be dinner service for sleeper passengers?
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    Upgrade roomette sleeper with guest rewards to deluxe or family sleepe

    Is it possible to upgrade (having used guest rewards for a roomette sleeper) to a higher category paying the difference ?
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    Pizza delivery on the Texas Eagle

    Here's a challenge. On the Texas Eagle from St Louis to El Paso or return, where is the best town to call ahead and get pizza delivered to the station, preferably for lunch?
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    Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited consist leaving San Antonio

    I know the Texas Eagle and the Sunset Limited merge at San Antonio. We'll be in a sleeper from St Louis. Where will our sleeper be in the consist leaving San Antonio? We'll be going to downtown San Antonio during the layover and wonder whether our sleeper will be approximately in the same...
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    Where to go with Rewards Points in Central Zone

    I have 30,000 Reward points accumulated and I want to take a one zone trip for two r/t. St Louis is my home station and the farthest points within one zone would be Wolf Point MT/Denver/Albuquerque/El Paso. Scratch Wolf Point, ....it's just not an over night attraction, since we will be...
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    Pacific Parlour Car out of service

    We've booked the Coast Starlight on the 15th of January 2015 and have found out that the Pacific Parlour Car is out of service for maintenance from Jan 15 through March 10, 2015, so rebooked on the 10th of January to take advantage of the parlour car. What are they going to do to the parlour car?
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    Texas Eagle from STL-CHI

    I'm traveling by roomette on Reward points. Since price is not a consideration, and my choices are #22 or #322 or #422, which should I pick?
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    St Louis to Tampa

    Is it possible to reserve a one way ticket from St Louis to Tampa and add a sleeper as the price drops? I would pay for a STL-TPA coach one way and then monitor AmSnag for sleeper prices for the best rate and then call Amtrak to add the accommodation. I realize that a sleeper would be from...