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    Just rode the Empire Builder

    My wife and I had hoped to leave from Portland and ride through the crazy gorge. Our sleeper would have been cut into the Builder from Seattle at Spokane, but track issues closed the route. Amtrak offered us an 8 hour bus ride or a Cascades coach passage to Seattle, which we took. By this time...
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    Cooked to order meals on Empire Builder?

    Or is it just the microwaved flexible dinkng/box lunches?
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    Looking for info on the Blue Water train

    My wife and I want to go up to the Christmas Store in a little Franconian German town near Flint, Mich. So our plan is to fly up and then back home take the Blue Water to Chicago business class connecting with the Eagle (hopefully still has a real diner) to FW. Any tips on the trip specifically...
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    Want history on the Penn-Tex and Sunshine Special trains

    This is a historical question - I am very interested in the cooperative train that ran from Philly to either Fort Worth, Texas, or maybe to the end of the T&P at El Paso. Were these the same trains? At least as late as 1980 the Sunshine Special sign was still up at the Texas and Pacific station...