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    LAX - MTR? (routing suggestions to Montreal)

    Hi all. Been a while since cross-countrying via Amtrak and planning a rail trip. I didn't realize it would be quite so challenging to get to Montreal (Quebec City actually) from the west coast! Since the demise of the International from Chicago to Toronto what are the options for getting from...
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    availability of cabs at LAUPT

    Hi all, Will be arrive very late into LA from the San Joaquin bus at 12:30am on a Monday and realizing public transit has shut down, does anyone have any experience getting a cab out front of the station in the wee hours? Should we call ahead to a cab company while on the bus? Other options...
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    Any Amtrak modelers in SoCal?

    Hey all, just was wondering if there are any other Amtrak modelers out there in the LA area? Or anyone interested in running Amtrak Los Angeles Union Station operations. I have a HO station model and layout. I also am modeling the California HSR. Some photos: Still in the process of...
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    Amtrak announces schedule for two new trains!

    According to Amtrak spokesman Mark Zinger, Amtrak posted the schedules in the timetables section of it's website Amtrak.com linked here: Imperial Service Spirit Service Wow! Did anyone know this was coming down the pipeline??
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    Need names for CAL HSR Train

    Hi All, Hope it's okay to post this here, I have decided to model the CAL HSR and will be doing custom decals for my passenger cars with the name of the train on them. I have selected the Alstom Duplex cars used by TGV for the train. A more lengthy post about the project can be found here on...
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    Coast Starlight 14-20

    Awful late out of the block. Anybody know what happened?
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    New route announced!

    Just saw this new schedule on the Amtrak Website. I wasn't aware a second daily Seattle-LA train was even on the table. Way to go, Amtrak! Rob
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    name that train

    Okay, supposing you were going to run a second frequency of the Coast Starlight with a flipped schedule departing LA at 10:00pm and arriving SEA at 8Am. Now suppose you ran it SEA - Yakima - Bend - KMF - OAK or alternatively KMF - Reno and points south. (all hypothetical of course since track...
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    Amtrak Politics

    A topic on another forum got me thinking. There seems to be a pretty strong segment of the population that believes Amtrak should not have government subsidies. Presumably because they feel as a business it should be accountable for it's costs of doing business. Some of the obvious responses...
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    Great trip!

    Day 1 – Los Angeles DAY ONE PHOTOS The first day began in Los Angeles in the evening of December 13th. We hitched a ride into LAUS with family. As we turned onto one of the feeder streets for Alameda St. the Southwest Chief was backing into the station. A quick drop off at the station and...
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    hot chocolate

    Is it available or should I plan on bringing some packets for those not coffee-inclined?
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    How bad will it be?

    Okay, so this has been worrying me: We're on the Silver Star in Coach in what will probably be a sold out train before Christmas from WAS to RGH or the next stop, depending on what we decide to do. How much luggage space is there on this train compared to say a Superliner? If we're going to...
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    Burbank Airport Station Question

    Leaving on a cross-country trip from this station. The Amtrak website during the final confirmation screen seemed to suggest we can get our tickets printed from a Metrolink vending machine there. However the station page for BUR on Amtrak's website also explicitly states there are no Quicktrak...
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    Chicago to Raleigh

    Was just trying to get options for CHI to RGH and Arrow was showing an error for dates in December. But it worked fine for WAS to RGH. What are the options for this route? Is the Cardinal an option? Some sort of transfer, where? Or thruway? Connecting in WAS is okay, but just wondered what...
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    I noticed I haven't seen a drumhead on the end of a CS for the last year or two. Anybody know what happened? Did too many of them fall off? Were they stolen? Or maybe just got in the way when they tried to open the rear door? What's the scoop? I can't tell if they were lighted or not. I...
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    Deluxe Sleepers?

    Do these have deluxe bedrooms on the lower level as well? Or just roomettes? Ladies smoking lounge down there?
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    Consist Question

    I noticed the Texas Eagle almost always runs with one locomotive, while the four car stub of the Empire Builder runs with 2 locomotives. What's the reasoning here? The TE is a much longer train, running a much longer route than the EB stub. (IE more chances to break down). Just scratching my...
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    Coast Starlight and Empire Builder

    Okay, so this trip started off as some business and a chance to relax and vacation on the way there. There being Pasco Washington, site of this years out-of-control Radcon! (named for the nuclear reactor in nearby Richland, WA.) Travel time was short for this trip so a return on Amtrak wasn't...
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    Dining Questions on the San Joaquin

    Hi all, FIRST PART I'm taking the San Joaquin from Bakersfield to Sacramento in February to connect with the Coast Starlight. I've heard conflicting things about food service. Back when it was a superliner consist it had a full diner from pictures I've seen. Now with new equipment they have...
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    Okay, I did my due diligence and searched for a thread I remembered people talking about things to do in Portland around the station and came up empty. Planning a 14-28 overnight transfer and have the evening and most of the day to kill. Any suggestions ideas are greatly appreciated! Also...