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    Hotel in New Orleans

    I plan to travel to Texas in early January - requiring an overnight in New Orleans. Can anyone recommend a nearby, reasonably-priced hotel for a single woman traveling alone?
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    Name That Station!

    Old Denver station?
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    Once Again You Can Transfer Mileage Plus Miles to AGR Points (no)

    I was just looking at my Mileage Plus account, and I see that transfers are again allowed between Mileage Plus and Amtrak Guest Rewards! Good News! Maybe this has been posted here before. If so, I apologize.
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    Definition of one two and three zone trip

    If I wanted a trip from Detroit to Miami (assuming no hotel over-nights), would that be a one- zone, or a two zone? I'd probably have to go back to Chicago, and then head east. That's traveling in a different zone than both Detroit and Miami. Does that time count as a second zone?
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    Former transition car customers - did you like sleeping in this car

    I have ridden in the transition sleeper on the Texas Eagle many times. The roomettes are exactly the same as is a regular sleeping car. Yes, you can hear the whislte more, but I don't mind that. Engine/track noise - about the same as anywhere else on the train. A Sleeping Car Attendant will...
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    What's the Best Solution for 2 Seniors with Mobility Issues

    Thanks for all of your ideas! I think I'm convinced that the Family Bedroom would be the best option. Although I've traveled in that room before, I can't remember - Is there a table between the 2 seats? Are two adults able to sit there for meals? Thanks again for all the help!
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    What's the Best Solution for 2 Seniors with Mobility Issues

    I would like to treat (via AGR points) a couple of friends to a long-distance trip. Both of them have mobility issues, so neither of them is going to be able to climb to the upper berth. This would be a one-zone trip. My options are: the Accessible Bedroom, the Family Bedroom, and 2 Roomettes...
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    Name That Station!

    Tallahassee, Florida?
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    New Select Executive Tier at AGR

    Does the inclusion of access to United clubs imply that there is an Amtrak/United relationship - and might the one-for-one points transfer be reinstated?
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    the canadian

    We took the Canadian in September, 2012, from Vancouver to Toronto. Loved every minute of it! We had a cabin - the beds are super comfy and larger than a twin size - much roomier and more comfortable than Amtrak! The meals were great - prime rib, rack of lamb, etc. (You can check the menus on...
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    Galveston Chief

    Oooooh! Wish I could have been there for that trip! I'm not not familiar with the location of the routes you mentioned - did they use the line that parallels I-45?
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    Where's Grayslake? Reachable via Amtrak?
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    Day trip GRR to CHI

    We have taken this trip many times! Love it, but the crowds get even worse during the Christmas shopping season!
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    Best way to pay for a trip on ViaRail

    Just returned from this same trip (yesterday, as a matter of fact!). It was wonderful. Spectacular scenery and beautiful fall colors! Great food and spacious & comfortable beds! We found a pretty good deal ($514 per person for a cabin for two) with the VIA Express Deals. Paid for it with our...
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    United the same as Continental?

    Thanks for the info. I was afraid that was the case, but didn't know how to find out for sure! Knew I could get the answer here!
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    United the same as Continental?

    Formerly, you were able to trade Continental miles one-for-one for AGR points. Now that Continental has been absorbed by United, can these miles be traded in the same way?
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    Station in Houston - parking?

    The last time we departed Houston (in April, 2012), there was a car in the parking lot with it's side window broken. It had obviously happened there since there was broken glass lying on the ground. Clearly, I do not know how long the car had been parked there, but I would have some hesitation...
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    VIA Questions

    How about tipping while on the Canadian? Are US dollars okay? Is it customary, as it is when traveling via sleeper on Amtrak, to tip the waiters at each meal in the dining car? Is there a sleeping car attendant who should also be tipped?
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    VIA Questions

    Thanks for all of your answers! Guess we'll be looking at some over-night options! Regarding my incorrect spelling of Vancouver - I think it can be blamed on my Dutch heritage. There are many Dutch "Van" names (VanDam, VanHaitsema, VanKalker, etc.), and they're all double-capitalized - force of...
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    VIA Questions

    I'm so excited - I just booked a transcontinental trip from VanCouver to Toronto at a great price - $514 (Canadian Dollars) per person in a cabin for 2. We're using AGR points to get from Michigan to VanCouver, but I think we'll pay our way to get home from Toronto. Here are my questions: 1. We...