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    Future of the Pacific Parlour Cars?

    This topic has already been discussed some already over on another thread, but it's been drowned out by larger topics like the future of all LD trains, etc. I feel like it's much more than a "tidbit," though. They may be only five cars, but they're Amtrak's only unique, vintage passenger...
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    Some Q's from a first-time redeemer

    Greetings, oh wise ones! I'm up late scheming about how to cash in some AGR points and credit card points to fund a trip up to the Northwest next spring. My high school junior wants to visit some colleges in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. Perfect, since I really want to see that great land...
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    Amtrak's 40th Anniversary on PBS

    Did anyone else see the hourlong documentary about Amtrak's 40-year anniversary? It aired in Denver last night at 11 pm, and I assume it is in national circulation. While it was great to hear Amtrak's issues discussed at all on TV, I found the film very disappointing regarding its style and...
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    Any word yet on Adironrack's dome this year?

    We're planning to ride up to Montreal on the Adirondack. Would the second week of October be early (or late) enough for good fall color? And, more pertinently, has anybody caught wind of when & if the Great Dome will be added this season? My screen name is an indication of my priorities here...
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    Recommended same-day joyrides from D.C.?

    I'm beginning to plan one of our regular visits to our in-laws in Washington, D.C. in late winter. Wait, that's not as bad as it sounds. My in-laws are wonderful, generous, welcoming people, and I look forward to the trip. But I'd also look forward to a day spent on unfamiliar rails. We live in...
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    Trains to the inauguration already full

    I have a bit of a tradition-- actually, a one-time tradition -- of taking trains to DC to attend presidential inaugurations. That was no particular challenge in '92, for Clinton's first. The unforseen bonus of that journey was a ride on two museum pieces that were soon to be removed from...