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  1. ceo418

    Long distance considerations

    Hi! I am contemplating a long distance trip from Trenton, NJ to Tacoma, WA in mid-September. I'd take the train out and fly back. Based on anyone's past and recent experience, I have a couple of questions: 1. I have enough points to book a sleeper car for the first half of my trip. I have the...
  2. ceo418

    Long-distance sleeper trip questions

    I finally convinced my husband to come with me on a one-way trip from TRE-TAC next May (we're flying back). My first trip entirely across country (have taken other long-distance trips) in sleeper, his first long-distance train trip ever. We'll be taking a Northeast Regional to WAS, the Capitol...
  3. ceo418

    Advice on cross-country trip!

    I know I've seen some of the information I'm asking about scattered around the site, but I thought I'd bring it up anyway. I'm considering doing a one-way trip in March from Trenton, NJ to Tacoma, WA. I've been on the Empire Builder route several times, although the last time I rode it was...
  4. ceo418

    Daytona Beach, FL

    My niece will be graduating from college in Daytona Beach this May and I am considering booking at least a one-way Amtrak trip (flying the other way) to go down and meet up with the rest of my family members who are coming in for the event. I see that Amtrak stops in DeLand and offers a taxi...
  5. ceo418

    Amtrak pulling freight?

    I was standing at Newark Airport today waiting for a train when I saw an Amtrak engine go by followed by 3-4 cars filled with what appeared to be rocks. Another Amtrak engine was at the end. Could this be related to the repair work at NYP, or does this happen other times too?
  6. ceo418

    AGR Log-in

    Has anyone else on here been having trouble logging in to AGR recently? I tried both the correct e-mail and member number along with the correct password, but for the past few days I haven't been able to log in. Same thing with the Amtrak website, and it's the same e-mail and password.
  7. ceo418

    Roommette question

    Hello. I will be traveling on the Capitol Limited and Empire Builder in December, and I noticed that on both trains I have roomette #2. Looking at the diagram, it looks like this is right next to the staircase and the coffee/beverage area. Is that ever a problem with a lot of people coming and...
  8. ceo418

    Cross-country trip in December

    I finally booked a long-awaited cross-country Amtrak trip for December, shortly before Christmas. I'll be taking the Northeast Regional from TRE-WAS, the Capitol Limited from WAS-CHI in roomette #2, the Empire Builder from CHI-SEA in roomette #2, and then the Cascades from Seattle to Tacoma...
  9. ceo418

    Philadelphia 30th Street Station

    Hello. I will be heading to Philadelphia in a couple of weeks to attend a day at a conference, and I'll be arriving at the 30th Street Station. Is there anyone here who knows what I should do to get to the PA Convention Center at 11th and Arch Streets? Is there a local train, or am I better off...
  10. ceo418

    LD train trip in December

    Hello. I am considering the idea of taking the train to see my family for Christmas, either from MET-SEA or NYP-SEA. I will be traveling coach and have taken the Empire Builder before from CHI-SEA, so I am familiar with that route. I am considering taking either the Northeast Regional line from...
  11. ceo418

    NEC day trip

    I'm thinking about taking a day trip in August from MET to either WAS or BOS. I only plan on staying in each area for a few hours before returning, and the price difference is only about $4. I'm leaning towards BOS because that's a longer train trip, but what is within walking distance of the...
  12. ceo418

    WAS-CHI 1 zone or two?

    I know this topic may be covered somewhere else, but after looking at the zone map I think I've determined that redeeming points from WAS-CHI on the Capitol Limited would mean a 2-zone redemption. Am I correct in that thinking? Thanks!
  13. ceo418

    Adirondack from NYP-Plattsburgh

    I am considering taking advantage of Amtrak's new Adirondack promotion and going on an overnight trip to Plattsburgh, NY in early April. Does anyone know if there are usually taxis around the station, or if I should look up a number to call one when I get there?
  14. ceo418

    Winter weather

    I know that extreme heat will have an impact on train travel. Looking forward to December, though, how often does Amtrak get majorly impacted by cold weather/snow? I'm thinking in particular of the Empire Builder, but I guess most other trains would have an opportunity at some point to...
  15. ceo418

    807 car?

    Hello. I noticed while looking up Christmas travel that Amtrak has added a train number 807 to the Empire Builder between CHI and MSP in December. Is this a regular superliner car (I saw that there was no lower level seat option) or a smaller car that is simply added on during the busy season...