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  1. ceo418

    Long distance considerations

    I've done nonstop on both United and Alaska several times out of Newark. This time I chose Southwest out of Philadelphia, because I like flying with them. One stop each direction, but I'm okay with it. Thanks for the advice! 😊
  2. ceo418

    Long distance considerations

    Thanks for the input. I have decided to fly both ways for this trip. I hope to make an LD train trip in the future
  3. ceo418

    Long distance considerations

    Yes, that is also an option.
  4. ceo418

    Long distance considerations

    😁 It's my cat, Shadow! She sends a "Hello" to Peaches!
  5. ceo418

    Long distance considerations

    Hi! I am contemplating a long distance trip from Trenton, NJ to Tacoma, WA in mid-September. I'd take the train out and fly back. Based on anyone's past and recent experience, I have a couple of questions: 1. I have enough points to book a sleeper car for the first half of my trip. I have the...
  6. ceo418

    Long-distance sleeper trip questions

    I finally convinced my husband to come with me on a one-way trip from TRE-TAC next May (we're flying back). My first trip entirely across country (have taken other long-distance trips) in sleeper, his first long-distance train trip ever. We'll be taking a Northeast Regional to WAS, the Capitol...
  7. ceo418

    Menu Capitol Limited?

    There's still the actual café car for coach passengers, right? The one with snacks and hot/cold food items? If I'm in a sleeper on the Capitol Limited and don't want the box breakfast, can I go buy something else and bring it back to the sleeper lounge to eat?
  8. ceo418

    Advice on cross-country trip!

    Thank you for all the advice! I will be going Westbound and then flying back to NJ from SeaTac after visiting family for a few days in Tacoma. I think I'm learning towards the Texas Eagle at the moment because of the different scenery. Lots to consider!
  9. ceo418

    Advice on cross-country trip!

    I know I've seen some of the information I'm asking about scattered around the site, but I thought I'd bring it up anyway. I'm considering doing a one-way trip in March from Trenton, NJ to Tacoma, WA. I've been on the Empire Builder route several times, although the last time I rode it was...
  10. ceo418

    Lake Shore Limited, Capitol Limited Rider New Menu Reviews

    Has anyone observed how the free non-alcoholic beverages are being handled in the sleeper passenger lounge? Are they just put out on a counter for anyone to take, or is there a full-time attendant there to get them if you ask?
  11. ceo418

    Books about Amtrak and Rail Travel

    Another fiction murder mystery addition that I just recently read is "Loco motive" by Mary Daheim, where the two main characters are aboard the Empire Builder. It lists several of the actual stops through Montana and North Dakota. Of course some of the services are changed from real life, but...
  12. ceo418

    Daytona Beach, FL

    My niece will be graduating from college in Daytona Beach this May and I am considering booking at least a one-way Amtrak trip (flying the other way) to go down and meet up with the rest of my family members who are coming in for the event. I see that Amtrak stops in DeLand and offers a taxi...
  13. ceo418

    Using public restroom with viewliner roomette?

    When I was in the Cardinal business class car last year, several sleeper passengers came in to use the bathrooms at the opposite end of the car (and to use the tables and some of the business class seats as their lounge area). So depending on what train you're on that could be an option.
  14. ceo418

    Amtrak pulling freight?

    I was standing at Newark Airport today waiting for a train when I saw an Amtrak engine go by followed by 3-4 cars filled with what appeared to be rocks. Another Amtrak engine was at the end. Could this be related to the repair work at NYP, or does this happen other times too?
  15. ceo418

    Coast Starlight Business Class

    Those are nice pictures! I think I will go business class for my trip :) A couple more questions, just about details. Does anyone know when passengers get the promised water bottles (i.e. as you board, once on board and underway, etc.)? And when do you receive the voucher you can use for...
  16. ceo418

    Coast Starlight Business Class

    As to the eclipse, all I know other than the date and time is that I'll be at a winery near Monmouth, Oregon, which is in the path of totality. I live in New Jersey but will be flying to Seattle and visiting family that will be heading down there a couple of days earlier, so I'd be taking the...
  17. ceo418

    Coast Starlight Business Class

    I know this is an older topic, but I wanted to ask a couple of things anyway. There''s a chance I'll be taking the Coast Starlight from Seattle to Albany, OR, in August for the eclipse (I already have a place to stay and all that). If I do take the train, would it be worth it to upgrade to...
  18. ceo418

    Business or Sleeper on the Cardinal

    I just got back from a Chicago-Trenton trip in the Cardinal business class. The seats are indeed comfortable, and if you go that route I would definitely bring your own food. There are plenty of free beverages in the car.
  19. ceo418

    Chicago Metropolitan Lounge

    I even overheard one woman asking the front desk employee if she could use the showers with her own towel. The answer was no. They did have the wine tasting available for 1 hour, with 4-punch cards. Fresh veggies and dip and cubes of different cheeses were out for awhile, and now it's back to...
  20. ceo418

    Chicago Metropolitan Lounge

    I'm currently in the lounge and was told when I arrived that the showers weren't available yet. Too bad, because my ticket home is in business class on the Cardinal and a shower would have been useful. Otherwise, it's a nice place. I do kind of wish there was an area where I really felt...