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    What's your favorite train station?

    Washington DC Union Station -closely followed by Philadelphia 30 th Street for best architecture/ambience/convenience-- Old Saybrook, CT for whistle-stop simplicity. St. Pancras, London for overseas Grand Central in New York is far and away the best non-Amtrak station- and my candidate for...
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    Auto Train and Amsnag

    I believe NA means Not Available -- any Northbound run in March is likely to sell out well in advance -- and this close to a Feb. 24 run is also likely to be sold out.
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    What Does Your Forum User Name Mean?

    Yes there are some Navy people out here - as my name: "navybanker" indicates. My first ship was, in fact, an AKA (as in Auxilliary Cargo Assault -- don't comment on Navy spelling) - subsequently redesignated LKA. After USN I worked for a bank - or series of merging banks until I was...