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    The Biden Campaign Train is back in the news

    What does spiking a switch mean and what are the implications especially with respect to the Biden charter campaign train?
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    Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

    The "summer" fire season has expanded into the autumn and in some places also into the spring.
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    2020 Voting Has Begun! Registration Deadlines Begin Oct. 4 (Pro-Rail and Non-Partisan)

    I didn't even know there were postal police until this article. I knew about postal inspectors who are supposed to deal with mail theft and the like and who can't seem to get anything done in my part of the world. Is that the same as the postal police?
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    Booked Amtrak Trip. Now I'm Confused.

    I think people enjoy doing this, so not to fret. One time when my sister and I took the LSL from Boston to Chicago, it departed Boston 5 hours late because the incoming LSL had hit and killed someone walking on the tracks wearing headphones, so presumably he couldn't hear the train's...
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    Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

    Yes, it is definitely worth it. Consider taking one of the cars with historical narration. We took the car with the "first newspaperwoman of Durango" in the dress of her time who provided a wonderful commentary of the sites along the way and the history of the sites as well as the railroad...
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    2020 Voting Has Begun! Registration Deadlines Begin Oct. 4 (Pro-Rail and Non-Partisan)

    Ok, I done voted this afternoon. Small line, but it was sort of crowded in there. Then when I got done filling in the circles on the ballot and got up to take it to the counting machine, I noticed the man in the booth next to me had his darn mask below his nose which was quite large, I might...
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    2020 Voting Has Begun! Registration Deadlines Begin Oct. 4 (Pro-Rail and Non-Partisan)

    Early voting in NM started last Saturday and both news reports and friends and relatives have reported long lines at the polling sites in Bernalillo County which contains Albuquerque. The County Clerk says there has never been anything like it in terms of numbers of people voting early and...
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    Long distance trains now sold out, NEC still burning cash..

    Another exception is I-94 which runs from Sarnia, Michigan at the lower tip of Lake Huron to Billings, MT. Both go for quite a ways, but I-94 goes 1579 miles vs 887 for I-81. I expect there are more exceptions.
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    Pt. 3--Texas Eagle Bloomington to San Antonio

    Was the singer wearing a mask? Sorry, I see after I posted this question that it has been addressed. How does one delete their own post?
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    SWC #3 chi-LAX

    Can/did they add more items to the lounge kitchen at ABQ?
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    448 train delayed 3+ hours

    With regard to the bus, how was the mask situation? Someone else posted about his/her experience during a bustitution where the bus driver wasn't wearing a mask in addition to the lack of social distancing that you are reporting.
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    21 TE issue last night?

    How spicy are Juanita's burritos?
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    Difficulty using Amtrak's website to make connections

    I started taking Amtrak in 2015 and always had that "problem" with showing no service between ABQ and Cleveland, for example. So I just assumed right from the start that one has to book everything in segments. Then I found out from this forum about guaranteed connections and not guaranteed...
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    Getting Ready for a Big SWC/TE Circle in Nov.

    I believe most of that was in northern NM, like around Raton pass.
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    How Covid safe are Amtrak sleepers?

    Hmm. Do CPAPs filter the room air before injecting it into one's airway? If so, what kind of filter?
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    How Covid safe are Amtrak sleepers?

    Yes, I was wondering about that also.
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    Chicago-San Diego in early December?

    The key point in Fauci's statement is that we don't know yet what the efficacy will be. That is one of the things that will hopefully be determined during the ongoing Phase III trials.
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    Chicago-San Diego in early December?

    The vaccine is not expected to be about 50% effective. Rather that is the cutoff for the FDA to accept a new vaccine. At least that is my understanding and I'm guessing that's where you got your 50% effectiveness number. With reference to the election, although Amtrak happily has bipartisan...
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    How Covid safe are Amtrak sleepers?

    This reminds me of a humorous video I saw where a man is trying to wash his hands properly and finds that he has to touch a lot of stuff to do so and he is getting upset and re-washing his hands, etc. I suspect at the beginning of this pandemic we have all gone through his experience.
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    Amendment to CR blocking furloughs and thrice weekly long distance trains

    What is the mess up in CR2 that you are referring to?