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    Just for fun - upper or lower?

    I always travel alone in a roomette (I'm amazed and impressed at the agility of those of you who manage to travel together in one!:)) and I always sleep in the lower bunk. I am not good even with short heights and am fairly klutzy (I even have trouble standing on those stools in the library to...
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    Statutary Funding for NJT in NJ State Constitution under consideration

    Either way, Steve Sweeney, the savvy guy from South Jersey, gets a win out of this. If the funding gets into the Constitution, he can take credit for it. If it doesn't, he can say the governor (his enemy from despised North Jersey) didn't support it so it's the governor's fault it's not in...
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    Increased Security Presence on Trains

    Having thought about this a bit more, I think the decision should be up to the conductors. Since they are technically in charge, they should be able to say if they want police on the train or if they prefer the old system, where they just called ahead to the next station to have the police come...
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    Increased Security Presence on Trains

    If the police are on the train, who has final authority--the conductor or the police officer? I don't mind it on the NEC if they are not carrying guns, but if they are going to ride up and down acting threatening, then that's not a good idea. The conductor already has the authority to call the...
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    The airplane seat recline controversy heats up again

    Whenever I am on a train and want to recline my seat, I check the seat in back of me--if there is someone in it, I always ask if they would mind if I reclined my seat just a bit. Nobody has ever said no, but a lot of people have been amazed that I asked and thanked me for asking and said how...
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    Trump budget cuts Amtrak (again)

    It is very useful--it fills in voids in the timetable nicely, although it could use a few more that stop at Windsor and Windsor Locks. I visit my cousins, who live in that part of CT, regularly from NJ. Coming home, I have been able to take CTrail and then change to a regional at NHV. Going...
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    Who's William Gray?

    I think this is a good compromise--a nice tribute to a good man, but with "30th Street" still part of the name so people won't get confused. "Jefferson," on the other hand, is annoying--it's not like the hospital is outside the door. I only came across Jefferson Hospital once (by chance--I...
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    New National Menu February, 2020

    I am thrilled that the French Toast is back! I almost always eat eggs for breakfast, but I will make an exception for Railroad French Toast!:)
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    PHL cappucino machine gone

    I am sorry to report that I was not able to fulfill my self-appointed task (and also sorry it took so long to post this--the hotel computer where I was yesterday kept cutting out and shutting off, and I had to get the train, so couldn't wait any longer to post). I went over to 30th Street...
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Bunk beds? That would be much too luxurious!:D They'll probably just have everyone sleep on the bare floor and call it "flexible and enhanced camping.":rolleyes::eek::D
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    Fire Walking in Chicago

    How interesting--never seen this before--thanks for posting it!
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    PHL cappucino machine gone

    Thanks, tricia!:) I had my ice cream (coffee ice cream of course--that'll learn 'em to mess with the cappuccino machine:D) before I saw your post, but I will check out both on my next trip to Philly. And I will report back on what I find tomorrow in the PHL lounge--what the new machine is like...
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    PHL cappucino machine gone

    Hey, when it's my free cappuccino disappearing, all is fair!:eek::rolleyes: Oh well, going to go get ice cream now--not a bad second choice!:)
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    PHL cappucino machine gone

    Well, I just did check it out. It's still the annoying new machine, although you can get a chai latte out of it, so perhaps MARC Rider and I were talking of the same machine after all. They were still asking for ratings, so I gave it three very frowny faces and one slightly frowny face to...
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    That is exactly how I felt about going to Florida this year--usually I have gone on the Meteor from PHL to WPK, stayed a few days, and come back. It is true that this year has been warmer at home than usual so far, with no blizzards, and that part of my travel money went for a root canal. Even...
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    LSL Sleeper Lounge community seating

    I would imagine that if a person who wants to sit alone comes in, and the tables without those cute little cardboard messages are all full, that person would simply sit down at a table with the cardboard message, then fold it up and put it under the menus. If they are a regular NJ Transit...
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    Richard Anderson replacing Wick Moorman as Amtrak CEO

    Oh my goodness--you are in for a treat--go search Anderson on this thread and start with those, then wander around just about anywhere and you'll find tons of opinions about him [hint--many not good, with a few people willing to give him more of a chance than the rest of us].
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    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    Were the old blankets wool? I'm allergic to wool and always wondered why my nose was stuffy and I had a sore throat the next morning after an overnight trip--I just put it down to stale air circulating. Heck, who knew? (Well, probably everyone but me!:D:rolleyes:) So I'll look forward to the...
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    teen daughter traveling alone

    I agree with the Traveler that a roomette is a good idea and would be a nice treat. However, on the Empire Builder, even coach would be completely safe. I met wonderful people both in the sleeper and in coach when I rode it cross-country a few years ago. I would still suggest having someone...
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    teen daughter traveling alone

    I would make sure that someone sees her off at the train station and that someone picks her up at the station at the other end. Again, it depends where she is traveling from and to--some stations are fine, but some (Trenton, NJ comes to mind) are very unpleasant. Even if she is traveling from/to...
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