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    LAX - MTR? (routing suggestions to Montreal)

    Hi all. Been a while since cross-countrying via Amtrak and planning a rail trip. I didn't realize it would be quite so challenging to get to Montreal (Quebec City actually) from the west coast! Since the demise of the International from Chicago to Toronto what are the options for getting from...
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    New Amtrak Guest Rewards Master Card - Fall 2015

    Thanks, Jim! That's great news, as I'd much rather travel in the spring than the fall. But we may do one of each depending on what we can do. Rob
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    New Amtrak Guest Rewards Master Card - Fall 2015

    Hey all, I apologize, I've been reading this thread for about an hour and didn't find an answer so I will just ask. It looks like I will just use up my AGR points under the old system and not get the new card. I have enough points under the old system for a couple of nice trips. I understand...
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    availability of cabs at LAUPT

    Thanks for the feedback! Guess we will try Bruce's idea first in case we are early. Glad to know there will still be cabs. I did look into Uber butnot sure how reliable to cell service will be on the bus ride to set that up an hour or so before arrival. The alternative was parking the car at...
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    availability of cabs at LAUPT

    Hi all, Will be arrive very late into LA from the San Joaquin bus at 12:30am on a Monday and realizing public transit has shut down, does anyone have any experience getting a cab out front of the station in the wee hours? Should we call ahead to a cab company while on the bus? Other options...
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    New Orleans Hotels near station

    Hey all. Hoping to visit NOL in mid-March and the prices are pretty sky-high, even after Mardi-Gras. Specifically mid-week 9-14. Tried hotwire, Priceline, Kayak, etc. Seems like the west bank across the river from the french quarter has some of the best prices, but how accessible is it to...
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    Pacific Surfliner: Reservations required July 19-21, 2013

    I hope this is testing the waters for use of the CCC on all SAN-SLO trains. (and maybe a few SAN-SBA if there are enough cars). That would be a terrific re-purposing of the maligned original plan for these cars. Heck, the San Joaquin used to have table service in it's "diners" with one server...
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    Amtrak issues RFI for NEC HSR trainsets

    My votes for the Alstom Duplex. (and yes they fit into NYP). Here's video of one done up in the California Scheme: Okay, I guess I'm biased towards this design!
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    #11 Thru Feather River today (6/14)

    Oh man!! Anyone know if 14 is doing it NB? Still time to catch it in Sacramento using the San Joaquin!!
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    LAUS Metropolitan Lounge?

    I have been up the stairs just around the corner from the Amtrak ticketing area (which leads to more offices and a parking lot above the ticketing area) and that is most certainly where it will be. It is not hard at all to backtrack a few paces and cross around the ticket counter area to get to...
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    Amtrak RR French Toast Quality Declining

    The cheesecake sounds good actually. I like more crust than cream cheese anyway. Not a savory fan anyway. I'm a carbivore! As to the french toast, the way people are describing it is the way it has been every time I've had it for the last 8 years! Horrible. Amtrak's breakfast has always...
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    Two New LA Times CAHSR Articles

    Neat! Figure this is as good a place as any. I just finished my model of the California HSR. Video below. Enjoy! Rob
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    Passengers forced to change clothes on Denver flight file lawsuit

    As someone who has flown first class to London on an employee pass, I can attest the suit and tie stayed on the whole flight. But knowing our legal system, these bozos will probably get a big settlement. *sigh*
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    Metrolink train vs. dump truck

    Wow. Good on Rotem. It did what it was supposed to do. As advertised.
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    Any Amtrak modelers in SoCal?

    Thanks, Alice. Yes, it is open once a year when they light our street, usually the Second Sat in Dec. Last year we had lots of visitors, but it was a real challenge to find enough people to run the trains. Rob
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    Any Amtrak modelers in SoCal?

    Hey all, just was wondering if there are any other Amtrak modelers out there in the LA area? Or anyone interested in running Amtrak Los Angeles Union Station operations. I have a HO station model and layout. I also am modeling the California HSR. Some photos: Still in the process of...
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    2nd Hudson Tunnel on Life Support

    Finally! Superliner's in NYC!! :giggle:
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    CS detour over Tehachapi Loop

    When we did this last year, the people that went for the first two dates got taken to the cleaners by a freight derailment near the loop. Nevertheless I would lean towards the beginning of the detour dates. If there are 10 days total, go for day four. But, as mentioned *anything* can happen...
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    Best Amtrak Video

    A couple thoughts: Why go pro? A 3 chip camera will do a lot better job if you want this to be the best Amtrak video ever. Even better, over-crank a Canon XF305 for some really spectacular slow motion effects at 60P with rich color depth. Also why voice over? No offense intended, but unless...
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    CS 14 schedule

    Might as well make the Coast Starlight true to its name when the Coast Daylight starts. Reverse-run the entire LA-Seattle with a 10pm departure, and 10am arrival in Seattle and reverse. It'll run the coast at night, but you'll get morning northbound service out of OKJ and SAC, plus a pretty...