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    Is the City of New Orleans changing to single level?

    I saw a news article that talks about upgrading Eastern Long Distance trains with Viewliner II sleepers which included the CONO. (https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/central-ny/news/2019/09/13/amtrak-refreshes-its-long-distance-fleet) If true, the CONO would stop using Superliner equipment.
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    Superliner 5000 mile circle trip (SAS/LAX/CHI/SAS)

    The idea for this long trip came from my youngest granddaughter, who was begging for me to take her on a long train trip so she could see the country side, but experience sleeping on the train for several nights. After researching the options, I chose our route, boarding the Texas Eagle (421...
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    Denali NP Alaska

    I recommend taking the Alaska RR from Anchorage or Fairbanks to Denali NP station. The scenery is spectacular, which is an understatement. Denali NP is over 6,000,000 acres with only one road, mostly gravel and restricted in the park. We decided to stay at the Camp Denali operator, up scale...
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    Canadian delayed almost 48 hours - potential new schedule coming.

    I was watching #1 coming into Vancouver this weekend that was almost 48 hours late. Then I read that VIA canceled two departures to try to recover, give crews needed rest, and crews time to fix mechanical issues, and try to get departures back to leaving on time. Not able to confirm, but heard...
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    TE 21 (25) extremely delayed between Austin and San Marcos

    I was checking on the 22 this morning, finding it was still in SAS. Then I saw that 21(25) left AUS at 7:14PM but didn't arrive SMC until 4:00AM this morning. Anyone know what happened? I tried to find a report of a car/truck accident, but found none. Loosing 8 hours in such a short distance...
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    Joe Boardman questions current Amtrak's managements motives

    We are all wondering what is happening to Amtrak based on recent management decisions, well I saw that Boardman feels the same. See text quote below: MODERATOR NOTE: Edited for copyright issues...
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    Senator urges Amtrak management, board, to get out and ride

    I saw this article about US Senator Roger Wicker's comments at the dedication of Marks, MS new station stop on the CONO route. Here is a quote: Wicker walked the coaches with members of the Southern Rail Commission, stopping to chat with travelers in their seats and the crew in the café car...
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    Does VIA provide hotels when Canadian is delayed 12 hours at origin?

    I searched, but didn't find any answers to this question. When #2 is coming into Toronto 18 hours or more late, does VIA provide hotels for passengers when the #1 departure is delayed 12 or more hours for crew rest? When do they make the decision to delay #1? Do they wait until regular...
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    TE 22 (8) delayed 7 hours near Hope, AR

    Anyone have any updates on what happened to the TE in Arkansas?
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    Amtrak ending BC on AT and Crescent May 1st

    Saw that Amtrak is ending Business Class on the Auto Train and the Crescent due to a lack of passengers. Supposedly, taking coach seats away for BC, raises the overall coach fare. and if few choose the BC, then Amtrak is loosing money.
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    Coast to Coast - Vancouver to Halifax

    I know that departing on the Canadian from Vancouver is the recommended direction, but if one was to go coast to coast, which direction is best to start/end. It seems like the connections are better originating in Halifax going west. What recent experience has anyone had? Is Winter still the...
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    Summer loop 5600 miles on Amtrak with my Granddaughter

    This was a great trip, 5600 miles on Amtrak, on the Texas Eagle, California Zephyr, Coast Starlight, and Sunset Limited.
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    Missing - Amtrak Route Guides

    I was wondering if anyone knew what happened to the Amtrak Route Guides? A friend of mine who was preparing for his first train ride, contacted me that the Route Guides were not accessible on the Amtrak site. I have many of these saved on my hard drive, but checked the Amtrak site. Using this...
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    PPC on 11 (7) is going to be "Bad Ordered"

    Conductor told us that the PPC AC is failing just after a couple hours, out of LA on the 5th and after Seattle tried again to fix it for the 6th. Said this car's AC unit is a major problem, so after several failures LA will have to take it out of service. No idea what will be or if something...
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    TE 21/22 Detour extended

    I just learned that the detour between Taylor and Longview has been extended through the 29th of June. Guess the work east of Dallas is taking longer.
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    Bedroom on CZ drops almost $1000 overnight

    Just saw that on July 3rd a CZ Bedroom dropped almost $1,000 in the accommodation fare from $1662 to $681. I have seen drops before but not this much.
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    21(2) Detour

    I was looking at the tracking map when I noticed 21 (2) out of position, going along the east side of the Mississippi. Not sure how far down they are going or if they are turning to cross the river and head west to Poplar Bluff. Is this the route 21/22 took a year or two ago when South...
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    What happened with #22 (29) #21 (29)

    I see that 22(29) is 11 hours late outside Chicago. Then 22(30) is listed as SD, as is 21(29) which was over 18 hours late at Little Rock, but is now 4 hours late out of Austin. Anyone know what happened?
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    RNC Convention Platform Plank addressing Amtrak

    I notice that the Republican platform calls for an end to all federal funding for Amtrak,and an end to all high speed rail. This seems to be contrary to Trump's call for spending to improve all forms of infrastructure. Now, none of us know who the public will elect for our next President, also...
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    How long is the TE detouring STL/PBF via Cape Girardeau, Dexter

    I see that 21 is detouring between STL and PBF, figure track work, but have not seen anything about how long the detour will last. It seems that 21 looses at least an hour each night over the detour.