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    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Yes, I agree the decor makes them look cheerier. Our SCA on the Cardinal let us take a quick peek at the new roomette on the bag/dorm.
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    Article on riding Amtrak's Cardinal (through West Virginia)

    I just did this trip over the labor Day weekend. It's disappointing to be stuck in the roomette for the entire trip, although Momma J made the trip much more pleasant with her tireless cheer. She's been with Amtrak for 37 years and was fully intending on retiring at 40. However, the ongoing...
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    Will full service dining ever return to the Western trains?

    AA currently only serves meals on flights longer than 4.5 hours or 2,200 miles
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    Amtrak 5 and 6 via Wyoming

    The I-70 closure was causing major traffic problems on other roads, so I'm not surprised there was no bus bridge. The state highway over Independence Pass was also closed due to the truck traffic attempting to use it as a detour. Big vehicles were getting stuck and blocking the road, causing...
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    Half price Acela

    From the NY Times: Is the Subway Risky? It May Be Safer Than You Think New studies in Europe and Asia suggest that riding public transportation is not a major source of transmission for the coronavirus.
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    NOL-WAS-CHI-PDX-MTZ-CHI trip pics

    It's surprising that Amtrak's app doesn't show other rail lines.
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    NOL-WAS-CHI-PDX-MTZ-CHI trip pics

    Take a look at the TransitDocs tracking map. You can zoom into just about street-level maps to see how it's routed.
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    Airline and Regional Rail Code Shares

    Washington National links via Metro directly to Alexandria and a connection to Washington Union Station
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    Airline and Regional Rail Code Shares

    How much of the traffic for these routes is driven by connecting traffic? You'd have to factor in the time and convenience to get from the airport to the train station and for your examples, that's not a trivial thing. It would be quite different if the train station and airport were much better...
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    Please Mr. Anderson (sleeping suites in coach?)

    Japan Railway Journal, one of the programs on NHK World (the international broadcast of the Japanese public media), recently had a segment on the overnight service Sunrise Seto and Sunrise Izumo. These trains have a variety of sleeper option, including the nobi nobi open section...
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    The full 40-minute travelogue is here:
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    Sunset Limited route from LA to Palm Springs

    I was expecting to see a real classic car...not an 80's Camaro! https://www.myheraldreview.com/news/willcox/train-comes-within-inches-of-striking-stuck-vehicle/article_e25abe0c-ec18-522f-8e6e-cd967e7d1c48.html
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    What will the LD network look like in FY 2021?

    Until you want to use that tray table...
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    Maine March Madness 2020 with an Acela First Class Food report

    Nowadays, as one of my friends likes to say, "The camera eats first."
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    I can see (name of train) from my window/porch/etc.

    I work at NOAA and it's not so much of a reorganization than a reconfiguring of the cubicles as they try to fit more employees into the existing space.
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    I can see (name of train) from my window/porch/etc.

    From my office window in Silver Spring MD, I'm treated to a daily display of the Capitol Limited, MARC commuter trains, and the Washington Metro. Unfortunately, in the next year or two, a campus-wide reorganization will mean I'll lose my window and my view.
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    Cardinal and Capitol Limited Consists

    The 30(9) just passed by my office window and it had two locomotives, no baggage, 2 sleepers, diner, lounge, and two coaches.
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    Amtrak Says It Is Finally Making A Profit, But More Bad News Is Coming

    That url should be http://www.pnwc-nrhs.org/6200.html
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    GPS Apps

    An app I like is Flyover Country, which also shows points interest and geologic data along the route. You download the maps and points while connected and then can see that information when you're off the network.