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    Grand Central and the BBC

    Forgive me if someone else has already posted this lovely story. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-21353825
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    #11 Advanced Boarding Available?

    I'm taking the CS SEA - EMY departing 9:45am New Year's Eve. I've read the thread about the King Street Station renovations, also checked Amtrak's special news about the project. They advise early arrival to the station because of the confusion, so I'm wondering if, since SEA is the...
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    New Year's Eve on the Coast Starlight

    Has anybody spent New Year's Eve on Amtrak? I'm seriously thinking of returning from SEA to EMY December 31, and am wondering if Amtrak might try putting on a little something extra in the PPC - maybe late night food and wine, etc. I'm not a big party-er, but it might be fun to sit up until...
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    CS Connection to Cascades?

    I'm trying too get from Emeryville to Mt. Vernon, WA, but it seems I can't do so without overnighting in Seattle or Portland. If I detrain the CS in Portland, the Cascades will have left 50 minutes previously, whereas the Seattle Cascades (same train?) will have departed 1 hour and 55 minutes...
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    Amtrak - Truck Collision in Maine

    CNN just reported a passenger train collision with a truck at North Berwick, Maine with several injuries. Said news helicopter was on the way. The first aerial picture shows the level crossing with what appears to be a lot of debris (but it could be something else). No sight of the train or...
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    Urgent Advice, Please

    You may have read my thread about my friend in his eighties taking the CZ and CL to Charlotsville, VA. It was almost five hours late leaving EMY on Monday and is now expected into CHI at midnight tonight. He has missed his connection to the CL and has been informed that everything for the next...
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    Superliner Room 19

    I seem to recall seeing "floor plan" of the Superliner sleeper with the room numbers, but be darned if I can find it on the Amtrak site. I found one on this site: http://www.amtrakagentsupport.com/fam-3d-tours-diagrams.htm This would seem to indicate (since room #19 isn't shown) that it is in...
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    Onboard Upgrade from Roomette

    Two friends are taking #5/#30 from EMY to CVS leaving next Monday. They are sharing a roomette on both legs. One friend is in his eighties and about 6'3". (The other is much younger and shorter.) They have tried to upgrade to a bedroom on both legs (total three nights)but none are available...
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    Parking at SJC Diridon

    Looking at the "Stations" tab for SJC on the Amtrak website, I can find lots of information except for two important items: whether or not there is parking, and a local phone number to call to find out. I know there's free parking at EMY, so I checked the "Stations" info for that location, and...
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    CS "Incident" April 23

    You read often enough about this sort of thing throughout this forum and in the newspapers, so I guess it occurs more often than one would hope for. Nevertheless, I never thought it would happen on one of my rides, but it did yesterday, when the CS struck and killed a young man about 20 minutes...
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    Coast Starlight

    I have to spend next week in San Luis Obispo on business, so I decided to take the train. I have some questions that maybe y'all can help me out with: 1. I booked a round trip ticket EMY - SLO departing Sunday, returning the following Saturday. It's possible I may have my work finished in...
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    Vermonter Business Class and Meals

    I'm taking the Vermonter both ways in mid-February and, a while back, some of you advised me to book business class, which I did. Some also said that BC seats were not pre-assigned. However, I'm a little confused given what Amtrak's Vermonter website says, to wit: "All Business Class seats on...
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    Checked bags - East Coast to West Coast

    This may seem like a stupid question, and I suppose I could get the answer by phoning Julie, but I find the discussions on this forum provide so much more information. My question is this: I'm going sleeper from NYP - EMY on 141/29/5. Can I check a bag at NYP and pick it up at EMY without...
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    NYP and WAS Lounges

    I have booked sleeper class from NYP to EMY, departing the day after the Presidents' day holiday. I was able to get the lowest sleeper bucket fare - $585 for the whole trip including business class on the NER. Not bad for three nights and four days of transportation, accomodation, and meals...
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    Vermonter Business Class vs. Coach

    I will be travelling NYP - ESX and return for the first time in Febraury over the President's Day holiday weekend (up Friday; back Monday). I'm wondering if a Business Class seat is worth the extra cost to this 69-year-old. I booked a Business Class seat on the NE Regional NYP - WAS (first leg...
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    Sleeper Car Warmth?

    I am planning my second Amtrak long distance trip: San Francisco - Cleveland - New York - New Orleans - San Francisco. As a senior, I can get the whole trip for about $1,336, using some "what-if" dates starting January 4. This appears very reasonable for six nights' roomette plus all that...
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    North American Rail Pass

    Im sure Julie can give me the answers, but I thought there might be some good ideas out there amongst those who have used this pass. I'm considering buying a NARP for use next May just before the off-peak season closes. As a senior, it will cost me $638, and I must buy it before Sep 30 and...
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    Interesting Photo

    While browsing for Washington State music festivals, I saw this interesting shot. It is available for download as wallpaper at http://greatnorthwest.info/festivals/.
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    Uploading Photos to this Site

    Is it possible to upload one or two photos with a comment? I see there's an "Insert Image" icon, but that requests a URL, suggesting your photo(s) must already be posted on some website. I am preparing a trip report and would like to include a few snapshots. I considered posting a slideshow...
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    Superliner Roomette Locations

    Hi All: This is my first post to what is a very informative website. I'm about to take my first Amtrak overnight trip (SEA-CHI-NOL-LAX) and have booked Superliner Roomettes. (Also two nights in NOL to pig out at some fabulous restaurants, but that's another story). I have looked all over to...