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    MSP to Halifax via Ocean

    I believe shuttle bus services run between Yarmouth and Halifax. They can probably be booked in advance to meet the CAT ferry.
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    Grand Central and the BBC

    The Oyster Bar is my must-go-to place whenever I'm in NYC. (Last time two years ago.) I fondly remember watching the old guys prepare my oyster pan fry (not fried at all) behind the marble counter while I sipped my Beck's in anticipation.
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    Grand Central and the BBC

    Thanks. I missed that.
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    Grand Central and the BBC

    Forgive me if someone else has already posted this lovely story. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-21353825
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    My First Complaint Letter - feeling kind of bad right now

    What a contrast to the driver I had on the same route (albeit in the opposite direction) on New Year's Day getting off the southbound CS.. Our driver was an African American gentleman wearing a black greatcoat, bowler hat, and bright red scarf. I don't know if that was his regular outfit or...
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    Most efficient way to go to Canadian westbound via BOS on Amtrak

    I haven't checked price or connection times, but what about Boston to Albany, then the Adirondack to Montreal? Then there are plenty of VIA connections to Toronto for the Canadian.
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    2 Parlour Cars Out of Service

    Is there any way of determining in advance whether there will be a PPC on #11 December 31? Or do I just have to wait and see? I strongly suspect the latter, unless the two out-of-service cars are now back in service. Also, I have been searching for a video of the interior of a PPC that I'm...
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    #11 Advanced Boarding Available?

    Thanks. I'll get some breakfast before boarding. I'm really looking forward to the trip.
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    #11 Advanced Boarding Available?

    I'm taking the CS SEA - EMY departing 9:45am New Year's Eve. I've read the thread about the King Street Station renovations, also checked Amtrak's special news about the project. They advise early arrival to the station because of the confusion, so I'm wondering if, since SEA is the...
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    New Year's Eve on the Coast Starlight

    That looks like fun. I'm sorry the attendant retired at 11:00, but I can certainly empathize. Maybe I should bring a couple of bottles of champagne on board. Surely they (officialdom) wouldn't object if they already went to bed. By the way, I've already booked - using 15,000 AGR points.
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    New Year's Eve on the Coast Starlight

    Has anybody spent New Year's Eve on Amtrak? I'm seriously thinking of returning from SEA to EMY December 31, and am wondering if Amtrak might try putting on a little something extra in the PPC - maybe late night food and wine, etc. I'm not a big party-er, but it might be fun to sit up until...
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    CFO -> VP of Ops

    Don't kid yourself, Jim! :D While CFOs may have started their careers as "bean counters," by the time they become CFOs they are critical members of executive management who understand all aspects of the business in addition to (as many other executives don't) the financial underpinnings...
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    Why is Amtrak coach more expensive than flying?

    I agree. I have clients in SNS, SLO, and SBA. I love taking the CS from EMY because of the work I can get done en route as well as the complete relaxation compared with driving Rte. 101, especially on the trip home, when I can enjoy a nice meal and some wine. And that's not even mentioning...
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    Why is Amtrak coach more expensive than flying?

    Half a century ago, I rode across Canada in what I think were called Pullman sleeper coaches. Daytime, a regular coach. Nighttime, the seats converted to beds,and an upper berth dropped down. Everything was protected from the aisle by drop curtains. Long distance coach passengers don't need...
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    Why is Amtrak coach more expensive than flying?

    Regrettably, it was Greyhound (I think).
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    CS Connection to Cascades?

    Thanks for the reply. However, when I tried to book a through trip EMY - MVW, Amtrak's website wouldn't said there are connection problems and wouldn't let me do it. And booking SEA - MVW shows only one bus, which departs at 12:20pm. (By the way, this for April 19.)
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    CS Connection to Cascades?

    I'm trying too get from Emeryville to Mt. Vernon, WA, but it seems I can't do so without overnighting in Seattle or Portland. If I detrain the CS in Portland, the Cascades will have left 50 minutes previously, whereas the Seattle Cascades (same train?) will have departed 1 hour and 55 minutes...
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    Train from New Orleans to Chicago

    Living in The City By the Bay, I do have to admit that I love visiting New Orleans - for the food, the music, and the incredible attitude even in the face of so many challenges. Since the 1970's, I have stayed at Le Richelieu in the Quarter but off the beaten track and great value for the cost...
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    Just booked my Rail Pass adventure! Advice please!

    Solo travel on Amtrak is great....especially IMHO because you have roomettes. That doesn't mean you have to isolate yourself - you'll meet plenty of people in the observation and dining cars. But it does mean you can put your feet up on the opposite seat and watch the scenery roll by with a...
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    What is the Line of Authority on an Overnight Train?

    Conductors dictate the operation of the train. That's why they are called "conductors." :lol: