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    Hotel in New Orleans

    I plan to travel to Texas in early January - requiring an overnight in New Orleans. Can anyone recommend a nearby, reasonably-priced hotel for a single woman traveling alone?
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    Once Again You Can Transfer Mileage Plus Miles to AGR Points (no)

    I was just looking at my Mileage Plus account, and I see that transfers are again allowed between Mileage Plus and Amtrak Guest Rewards! Good News! Maybe this has been posted here before. If so, I apologize.
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    What's the Best Solution for 2 Seniors with Mobility Issues

    I would like to treat (via AGR points) a couple of friends to a long-distance trip. Both of them have mobility issues, so neither of them is going to be able to climb to the upper berth. This would be a one-zone trip. My options are: the Accessible Bedroom, the Family Bedroom, and 2 Roomettes...
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    United the same as Continental?

    Formerly, you were able to trade Continental miles one-for-one for AGR points. Now that Continental has been absorbed by United, can these miles be traded in the same way?
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    VIA Questions

    I'm so excited - I just booked a transcontinental trip from VanCouver to Toronto at a great price - $514 (Canadian Dollars) per person in a cabin for 2. We're using AGR points to get from Michigan to VanCouver, but I think we'll pay our way to get home from Toronto. Here are my questions: 1. We...
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    Bad Trip, But Handled Well

    Our planned trip included leaving Houston, Texas on Sunday, April 22, arriving Kalamazoo, Michigan on Monday, April 23. Everything started off well - our 4 1/2 hour bus trip from Houston to Longview was smooth and uneventful (but being a bus, not as good as a train). Train 22 pulled into...
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    Voucher Questions

    1. Some time ago, I was issued a travel voucher. I have not yet used it because almost all of my train travel is long distance using my AGR points. If I am not able to use it by its expiration date, can the date be extended? 2. If I use the voucher for a short trip that does not use all of its...
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    Problems Transferring Continental miles to Amtrak

    I have accumulated some Continental miles that I want to transfer to Amtrak before the end-of-the-year deadline. Searching the Continental site, it appears that I have to use Points.com to do this. Is that correct? I went to the Points.com site and registered both accounts: Continental and AGR...
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    Bothered by Poo?

    When travelling in a roomette and using the common restroom, I have often been repulsed by the “skid marks” left behind in the toilet. On a recent trip on the Texas Eagle, our Sleeping Car Attendant, Mike, made an announcement telling the passengers about the flush mechanisms of the toilets. He...
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    Bonus Points from Chase

    Several months ago Chase promised triple points for grocery purchases and restaurant purchases. Although we have exceeded the minimum dollar amount every month, we have received no bonus points. Has anyone seen any bonuses?
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    Chicago Union Station Waiting Room

    We usually travel through Chicago as part of a long-distance trip that involves sleeper accomodations - hence we have access to the Metropolitan Lounge. Last week, however, we took a day trip to Chicago. Of course there was no problem with our arrival - off the train, through the station, out...
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    Zone Confusion

    I live in central Michigan and would like to travel to the East Coast. Because some of the cities on the east side of the state (Port Huron, Detroit) are in the eastern AGR zone, can I book a trip from Detroit to New York (via Chicago) as a one-zone trip? If that is so, could I, with a...
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    Will I get points when using a Travel Certificate?

    I received a Travel Certificate after telling Customer Service about the problems encountered on a recent trip. I just used it to "pay" for an upcoming trip. (The certificate did not cover all of the cost - I had to pay an additional $50.) Will I get points for the whole trip, or only a...
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    January 6th Texas Eagle Derailment

    We were on the Texas Eagle when it derailed early in the morning of January 6th. (We were in a Sleeper Bedroom, and I slept through it - only learned of our situation when the second announcement was made!) I'm wondering if any others in this group were on that train too? and if anyone knows...