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    Caltrain votes Amtrak out

    In a unanimous vote today (9/1) the Caltrain board awarded the San Francisco to San Jose/Gilroy Caltrain contract to Transamerica, a division of Herzog Transit Services.
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    Whazz Up ???

    This certainly has been a strenuous year on Amtrak. Trains that hardly ever see delays are being truncated. The poor Crescent is even getting slammed. Ironically, probably the all time leader in poor OTP is the Sunset and it rolls along arriving early at times. I cannot remember a worse year for...
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    Just Wondering

    Just wondering where we stand in age as far as posters go. You don't have to participate but I think it would be interesting to see what age groups we all fall into. Thanks for your answers.
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    2011 40th Anniversray Calendars

    I have a handful of 2011 Amtrak 40th anniversary calendars left from NTD. Anyone who may want one can post me at had8ley at juno.com They may have to be folded in half to fit into an envelope. Jay Hadley
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    Sunset discount

    Sunset tix are being discounted 25% for travel between Houston and New Orleans~ they give a short buy period but travel is good through mid-November. I don't understand this as one of the two coaches is usually a coach bag and the train is rather full into and out of NOL.Glad I'm not a bean...
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    Spoiled Rotten

    I doubt I've ridden coach ten times in the last ten years. I took # 1 over to Houston a couple of weeks ago and snagged the family room for $62~ quite a bargain and both OBS and the trainmen questioned how only one person got the room. The return trip was quite the opposite. The cheapest...
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    VIA Rail 50% OFF !!!

    Just received an e-mail that VIA Rail is having a 50% off sale good on sleepers and coach and looks like it maybe system wide. Tix must be purchased by April 19th but are good for most of the year. Now is the time to do it because you don't want to pay their full fares !!!
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    Rude Passengers

    I never went to Georgetown School of Foreign Service to learn how to be a diplomat but...the other day I was on # 20 and a booming voice permeated the H room. I walked down the hall and in room 6 is an obvious Brooklyn accented slob tearing his secretary up on his cell phone with almost all four...
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    Crescent TCL turn...

    Well it was time for our train fix as I had been sick since we went to watch the space shuttle launch and the astronauts were back two weeks before I got better !#$ # 20 pulled into the Slidell depot about 6 minutes early as usual. Thinking it was making a double spot for coach pax first I...
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    Another One Bites The Dust

    Well. it looks like we're see sawing the Viewliners once again. I rode, what I was told, the first northbound Crescent with the sleepers on the front end and the bag next to the mules. # 19 was the same way but it looks like they had already been flipped on Silver Service as every coach had 98--...
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    High Bucket Misery

    Amtrak has completely eliminated the bottom two sleeper buckets on many routes and three on some for the rest of the summer (some trains brought up have none or one room sold at middle bucket with nothing lower available). With gas prices going up daily the revenue coffers ought to be filling up...
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    Superliner Sightseer Lounge Question

    I may have missed it over the years but were the SSL's equipped with an exit doors on the lower level when built or has this been a Beech Grove modification?
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    I'm not much on new technology but I did try to book a sleeper on Julie today. She said, "Sorry, you need to talk to an agent." Is it like this all the time and if so wouldn't it be better for Amtrak to say "Julie will book your coach res but you must speak to an agent to book sleeper space?"
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    Austin's Red Line

    In an effort to get numbers up, and satisfy mid-day travelers, the Austin red Line started mid-day service this week. They also raised fares to compensate.
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    Dynamite short turn

    Our plans for the week-end were to go to Atlanta on Saturday's # 20 and return on Sunday's # 19. About 10 minutes out of Slidell I get an SOS call from home so we short turned at TCL and returned home BUT it was one fantastic trip both ways ! We got to Slidell about 30 minutes ahead of the...
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    Amtrak offers 20% off in coach

    All right all you die hard AU riders (no Dave, you don't count because all you do is AGR) Amtrak is offering 20% off on coach tickets good for travel through April. It's the slow time of the Amtrak travel year (if it doesn't snow on the NEC again) so pack your bags and we'll see you at the...
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    Does Anybody remember ???

    Before our site was tweeked by our very capable leaders there was a header under "My Assistant" that read "My Last Ten Posts." Does anybody remember it or do you know how to get to it today? It just seemed to disappear into cyber-space and no one remembers it; even our leaders ! I promise I...
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    Happy Birthday to Mr. Ed; a gentleman and a RR scholar. :hi:
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    Crescent to Truncate AGAIN !!!

    According to an excellent source, the Crescent will truncate in Atlanta for six weeks beginning in January. There will be NO service between NOL and Atlanta on Monday through Thursday and through service to NOL on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.7 day service will start two weeks before Mardi Gras...
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    Just an idea

    Over the years I've come to know quite a few Amtrak employees. I've been fortunate enough to be able to communicate with them both on board and after riding. Why couldn't we make a list of the On Board Service Managers phone numbers or e-mails?; I'm sure some of the complaints that are detoured...