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  1. jacorbett70

    AGR points for unused tickets or change fees under new rules?

    Currently Amtrak awards zero points for no-shows. I found that when the conductor fails to scan my ticket and then I contact AGR to tell them I did show. Amtrak then allows points because I did show for the train. I wonder if Amtrak might allow AGR points for those who purchase the new...
  2. jacorbett70

    targeted AGR status challenge posted on Twitter

    Someone posted receiving a take four round trips for S+ status challenge. This is the kind of challenges I've seen from hotel and airline programs targeted towards relatively new members w/o status. https://twitter.com/raw5052/status/709848928594862081
  3. jacorbett70

    Cardinal 51 (3) Cancelled, 50 (2) Disrupted

    Cincinnati freight derailment last night: http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2015/04/02/train-derails-in-queensgate/70870814/ Cancelled notification in Philly for 51: http://pic.twitter.com/8CbcVfUF9y
  4. jacorbett70

    Auto Train (+Silvers) delay South Carolina 3/5-6

    I am taking Auto Train 53 from Lorton today and found the northbound equipment shows as stopped just north of Charleston SC with a now-expected arrival 2:50 PM to turn. If no further delays I think it takes a minimum of four hours to turn the equipment. Train 53 shows on the map as having passed...
  5. jacorbett70

    Amtrak NEC Disruption WIL-BAL 10-9-12

    The Northeast corridor between Baltimore and Wilmington has been disrupted between Baltimore and Wilmington since the wee hours this morning. Signs at 30th Street Philadelphia said "wire problems." - Protect equipment for some trains PHL-NYP - Big crowd lining up for rental cars at PHL -...
  6. jacorbett70

    NEC Delay July 28

    I am at Newark NJ getting a close look at the three Viewliner sleepers of train 97 (from the outside as I'm not taking that train today). All NEC traffic has been stopped between Rahway and Trenton, including #97 in the NWK station, for an accident investigation around Edison, with a fatality of...
  7. jacorbett70

    Amtrak Equipment Display for UIC HSR

    There was an Amtrak equipment display in Philadelphia similar to that during National Train Day. Tuesday night for conference attendees and the past two days open to the public. I stopped by today after being too late yesterday. Here were the consists... Track 2 655- Amtrak HHP-8...
  8. jacorbett70

    High Speed rail conference in Philadelphia this week

    I'll be at work while this is going on, and the price tag seems quite high, but there is a big High-Speed rail conference in Philly this week: http://www.uic-highspeed2012.com/ I saw welcome signs and displays at Amtrak/SEPTA 30th St Station:
  9. jacorbett70

    Proposed electrical work for Keystone Service

    Amtrak is planning to upgrade the electrical wiring for Keystone Service between Philadelphia and Paoli. The contractor held an "open house" to announce preliminary information. Here is a link to a news story...
  10. jacorbett70

    Amtrak Trip Train 49 (14), Train 3 (15) NYP-CHI-LAX

    Today (May 14) - Amtrak train #49 depart NY Penn Station 3:45 PM May 15 - Arrive Chicago 9:45 AM Central time - Amtrak train #3 Depart Chicago 3PM CT May 16 - In transit on train #3 May 17- Arrive Los Angeles Union Station 8:15 AM PT (11:15 AM ET) Departed NY Penn Station on time. NY...
  11. jacorbett70

    Another Train 59 vs vehicle incident, this in Yazoo City

    From local TV station in Jackson MS: http://www.wapt.com/news/30323588/detail.html
  12. jacorbett70

    Pennsylvanian and San Joaquin sale

    http://www.amtrak.com/servlet/ContentServer?ff=No&c=AM_Content_C&pagename=am%2FLayout&p=1237405732514&cid=1248543314245 One thing helping the Pennsylvanian route is that Southwest Airlines recently dropped its PHL-PIT service (effective January 2012) due to unprofitability, and US Airways...
  13. jacorbett70

    Another three-day NEC sale in progress

    Email and on the Amtrak web site:
  14. jacorbett70

    How to get a good seat on Cascades

    Found this forwarded by Twitter @cleancartalk and could be helpful for those taking the Cascades routes where seating is assigned at Portland and Seattle. http://portlandafoot.org/2011/08/how-to-score-the-perfect-amtrak-cascades-seat/
  15. jacorbett70

    New to AGR - Not!

    I thought I or AGR started a new account or there was a phishing email until I saw the accurate AGR point count. Maybe they made some update or reset to the site this week and this was my first trip on the new site? Maybe it was just a goof.
  16. jacorbett70

    Amtrak 3-day NEC promotion

    Saw this sign in Philadelphia 30th St Station of a three-day sale to promote Amtrak vs the bus companies. It says (I presume a very limited number of) $29 tickets NYP-BAL/WAS and $19 WAS-Richmond for sale between 4/19-21 for travel between 5/10-26. Future short-term sales are planned...
  17. jacorbett70

    Chicago Sun-Times publishes taxpayer 'receipt'

    I saw today's Chicago Sun Times cover about the Federal budget and "Where does your money go"?. It has an itemized receipt showing ten selected items with their rank and "your share" (based on working couple two kids $80,000 income) These were among the ten chosen for the cover out of the top...
  18. jacorbett70

    Silver Service to and from Miami

    Amtrak Train 97 PHL to MIA 10/27-28 I left on Wednesday right after work and went down to the platform at 30th St. during the call for coach boarding, although I had a sleeper. I was immediately offered a choice of dinner times including right away (5:15) or 6:00. I chose the latter and saw a...
  19. jacorbett70

    Has anyone here 'aced' the Amtrak system?

    I am curious as to if anyone here has ridden at least once on every mile of the current Amtrak rail system. I have been on every major route but not end to end for all routes yet, though I am quite close. I know I have parts of the Blue Water, Carolinian, and Florida routes that I have not...
  20. jacorbett70

    Keystone track work apparent Oct 2-3

    I can't find this anywhere else, but Amtrak.com reservation pages show a bus bridge for trains 42 and 43 between Lancaster and Harrisburg, PA on October 2 and 3 (a weekend). It currently shows the Keystones operating with train service, but some (train 663, 615, 666, 668) canceled between...