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  1. fairviewroad

    SEPTA pulls PCC trolleys out of service for at least a year

    SEPTA’s trolleys along the Route 15 line will be taken out of service and replaced by buses for at least a year beginning Sunday, as the historic PCC II streetcars undergo evaluation and maintenance. More here...
  2. fairviewroad

    MAX train (Portland) hits .... a boat??

    You certainly don't see this everyday: A MAX light rail train hit a boat that was left on the tracks in Gresham (just east of Portland). The boat was stolen and unoccupied, and no one on the train was injured...
  3. fairviewroad

    Ride Amtrak for the price of SEPTA between PHL & Wilmington

    A late-night freight derailment last week (early May 2018) caused extensive damage to the NEC tracks between Philadelphia and Wilmington. This section is owned by Amtrak. SEPTA uses it for its commuter rail service between PHL and Wilmington/Newark, DE. With two tracks out of service, Amtrak is...
  4. fairviewroad

    Baltimore Metro to close for a month for emergency repairs

    For those who aren't familiar with the Baltimore area, the Baltimore Metro is a single-line heavy-rail route, running about 15 miles from downtown Baltimore to the northwest suburbs. It is physically separate from the light rail system that serves Penn Station, BWI Airport, Camden Yards, etc...
  5. fairviewroad

    El car cracks mean more delays for SEPTA

    Link: http://www.philly.com/philly/business/transportation/El-car-cracks-mean-more-delays-for-SEPTA.html Between this and last summer's issue with the Regional Rail fleet, one might say that SEPTA is experiencing a crack epidemic.
  6. fairviewroad

    Keystones: "Severe Weather" schedule

    I noticed that with the Oct 24-dated timetable, Amtrak now has designated certain Keystone trains with an "(s)" which is explained thusly: I know of several commuter rail agencies that have a similarly designate certain trains as being the severe weather or service disruption trains, but I...
  7. fairviewroad

    CTA Historic Cubs Train To Run For Home World Series Games

    More here: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2016/10/27/cta-historic-cubs-train-to-run-for-home-world-series-games/
  8. fairviewroad

    Thanksgiving 2016 timetables

    Timetables showing extra service in Michigan (10 extra trains) and Illinois (8 extra trains) are now posted on the Amtrak timetable page. So far, the extra service in both of those states seems to mirror previous Thanksgiving week service. I'm sure additional timetables will be posted in the...
  9. fairviewroad

    VIA Rail Warns Of Potential Strike On June 13

    VIA Rail is warning passengers of a potential strike on June 13. See: http://www.viarail.ca/en/collective-bargaining In most cases, trains already en route will continue to their destination. Of note is that passengers on train #2 that departs Vancouver on June 12 may be stranded in Winnipeg...
  10. fairviewroad

    TriMet wants to buy used trains from Dallas to bolster WES service

    Portland's Tri-Met wants to buy additional equipment for its little-used WES commuter train. No plans to add frequencies at the moment. They just want to have more train sets on standby. :wacko: The only times I've ridden WES, the entire passenger load could easily fit in a single transit bus...
  11. fairviewroad

    "Maybe don't buy May TriMet pass, says TriMet"

    TriMet in Portland is advising passengers of big delays in May along its busiest light-rail routes.
  12. fairviewroad

    PDX closes bathrooms 2 1/2 hours before station itself closes

    I noticed this sign at PDX last Friday. The public restroom is references appears to be a "Portland Loo", which is basically a jazzed up outhouse meant to give homeless people a place to legally relieve themselves. It's about two city blocks from the PDX Amtrak station. Generally the area is...
  13. fairviewroad

    Keystones Reserved over Easter weekend

    The Keystones (and Pennsylvanians) will be reserved between PHL and HAR during the Easter travel period, which Amtrak defines as March 24 to March 28. Normally this is the unreserved section of the Keystones. This temporary designation mirrors what's been done during the Thanksgiving travel...
  14. fairviewroad

    Dashcam Vid: Freight Strikes Semi...with The Kinks as the soundtrack

    There is so much to love about this. A Minnesota State Police dashcam captures the moment a CN freight hits a semi-truck and takes it for a little ride along the tracks. The state cop's accent is straight out of central casting. The truck driver just can't believe what a crummy day he's having...
  15. fairviewroad

    NYT: "The Day My Megabus Caught Fire"

    A Megabus headed from Chicago to Milwaukee burnt up yesterday. Fortunately all aboard evacuated safely. One of those passengers was none other than a fellow who writes a column called "Frugal Traveler" for the New York Times. Enjoy...
  16. fairviewroad

    Portland Streetcar to try limiting stops to speed service

    Portland Streetcar to try limiting stops to speed service
  17. fairviewroad

    SEPTA during the Papal Visit: A Transit Map Like You've Never Seen

    I'm trying to wrap my mind around this. During the Pope's visit to Philly on September 26 and 27, SEPTA will severely curtail its service. For example: Those 31 stations include just one or two stops on each line. [see map below.] Tickets will be reserved and sold only in advance. [Among other...
  18. fairviewroad

    Oregon: "MAX Orange line train makes 1st run"

    MAX Orange line train makes 1st run with passengers from Portland to Milwaukie (It was a dignitary-only run. Revenue service doesn't start until September 12.) Lots of photos here: http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2015/05/max_orange_line_train_makes_fi.html This link includes a...
  19. fairviewroad

    New SEPTA Inter-modal connection

    Bus to (freight) train! 3 Hurt After SEPTA Bus Jumps Median, Lands in Front of Freight Train in South Philadelphia Be sure to check out the photos. Could have been a lot more serious, of course. And it just goes to show that Stupid Driver Tricks can also be performed by bus drivers, not just...
  20. fairviewroad

    Ghost station: Franklin Square

    http://www.philly.com/philly/news/A_time_trip_into_PATCOs_ghost_station.html Great photo essay of a station that's usually only viewable from inside of a PATCO train.