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    Amfleet cars on Boston's commuter rail

    Today, in Lincoln, MA I saw an MBTA commuter rail train with one and Amfleet car in the middle of the consist. This was on the Fitchburg line, which goes to Boston's North Station. The rest of the train looked typical. Is this a common occurance? Does anyone know why this is done?
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    RTE to get Red Caps

    I agree this seems quite odd. I am skeptical, but have no info on the topic. The station is rather small and very easy to manage. A large percentage of passengers are business travellers on the Acela or NER who are likely exereinced with the procedures and have no need for Red Cap service...
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    Female Engineer

    Are there mandatory retirement ages for engineers? Like there are for pilots?
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    Acela first class vs business class

    The price difference can be pretty high, IME. Business on the Acela is generally considered to be better than NER business.
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    Downeaster Joy Ride

    Considering you only goal is to ride the train, you could also take the Lake Shore Limited from BOS to Worcester and then take a commuter rail back to BOS.
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    Downeaster Joy Ride

    Spend the $9 and upgrade to business. Old Orchard Beach is a nice little beach town and the stop is less than two blocks from the ocean. I just took a day trip there and had enjoyed the train and the beach. Keep in mind that business class often sells out on certain trains. If you are going...
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    Boston North Station layout?

    It is a very quick and easy walk from the hotel, but it is outside. Causeway St can be busy but there are crosswalks with signals. Walk down Portland St and cross Causeway St there. You will see a Bobby Orr statue and TD Garden signs, enter the station/arena there. When you enter the...
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    If Trains Were Lighter And Saved Fuel?

    My assumption is that fuel is a much larger percentage of airline's costs vs Amtrak. Does anyone have data on what percentage of Amtrak's expenses are for fuel/electric?
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    Price gouging over the phone

    HUCA Hang Up and Call Again is the best way to deal with things like this.
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    NHL's Bruins charter Amtrak train from WAS-PHL

    I was watching a behind the scenes show on the NHL Boston Bruins, Behind the B, and the team travelled on an Amtrak train. The video is available for free here, and they show the train part from 9:15 to 10:40:
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    Should I rail or fly? What do you do during long layovers?

    I know this is a site for fans of train travel, but I would certainly fly on this route. It is a given that trains take longer on long routes between cities, but this is just too much extra time and money to justify taking the train. I would fly Delta non-stop for 2.5hrs. They have one-way...
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    Free Roomette

    I assume this would require the SCA to be willng to break the rules to help you out. Some might, but I wouldn't count on it. A generous tip the day before might help, bit at the point it becomes more like a bribe. And instead of an extra tip, you might as well just pay for the room for when...
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    Do you ever see TSA/security checkpoints coming to major Amtrak statio

    It would be extremely difficult and expensive to do so. Securing all areas of tracks would be next to impossible. However, if some type of major attack occurred major changes would likely take place. Probably in the realm of heavily increased security and random screenings, in the station and...
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    good price

    Getting to sleep in a bed instead of a chair would be worth $161 to me. But you know your budget better than any poster here. You would get breakfast, but I am not sure about lunch.
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    is first class worth it?

    Yes, I think so. I think 'chakk' was just making a joke about my misspelling of 'coach'. I said 'couch' (twice) when I meant to say 'coach'. In my defense, I had another window opened to a furniture website, as I buying a new sofa. :)
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    is first class worth it?

    Personally I would never spend $562 (roughly twice the cost of a RT flight) for about 50 hours each way in a Amtrak couch seat. I say a sleeper is well worth it. The suggestion for couch on the short legs is a good one.
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    Question re Lorton station

    Does anybody actually think Amtrak would drop off a senior citizen at some random station in the middle of the night for having two small dogs? I don't have pet experience or Auto Train experience, but I highly doubt that. If they found the dogs before travel, then it is believable.
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    Question re Lorton station

    I wouldn't take the risk. I am assuming you are driving from MA to Lorton and the driving from Sanford to your destination? I would just add a day or two to the trip and do the whole drive yourself. Even with a couple more nights in a hotel and gas, you will save a bundle.
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    Bringing Sword and Gun props on Amtrak train

    Not sure if it is allowed, but I see no reason it would cause an issue if it was in your carry in bags. Nobody would have an oppurtunity to see it.
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