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    Boston Copley Place Good Central Area?

    Just around the corner from Copley Square and very near the Copley T stop on Boylston Street is s very small hotel, the Charlesmark. The rooms are small but it’s generally cheaper than the big hotels nearby. I also really like the bar there.
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    Trip on Zephyr

    If youve never done it, I would suggest going on from Reno through the Sierras. San Franciscos lovely but quite expensive. I did a round trip from Denver and decided to turn around in Davis, CA, which I enjoyed. If you're only going one way, its probably not a great place to get a flight home...
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    Any Upcoming Detours on CZ?

    That's a great idea. I will do that daily until I leave.
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    Any Upcoming Detours on CZ?

    Two weeks notice would have been great. And yes, I rode both ways on the days it ran on schedule but did the detour through Wyoming. It was nice in spots, but mostly high plains desert, which isn't what I was hoping for. At least I have experienced more rare mileage. I've been on Texas...
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    Any Upcoming Detours on CZ?

    I've been doing that but last fall, there was nothing on the Amtrak website about the bypass until several days after it started. Apparently, I wasn't the only one angry about not getting any notice. Well, I know many of the passengers on my train were very unhappy, especially after it became...
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    Any Upcoming Detours on CZ?

    I took a round trip ride last September from San Antonio to Chicago on the TE then Chicago to Emeryville on the CZ and back specifically for the ride through the Colorado Rockies. About an hour out of Chicago, I discovered that we were doing a bypass through Wyoming from Denver to Salt Lake...
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    Breakfast on CZ eastbound

    LOL! I'm not sure if that's Amtrak warning passengers or business development for the snack bar! My guess is the latter. I'm in the Emeryville station now and had just seen the large sign minutes before I read your post.
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    Breakfast on CZ eastbound

    Problem solved. I was at the Ferry Building this afternoon and found a bakery with some multi-grain rolls and other goodies with bacon and cheese which should make an admirable breakfast. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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    Breakfast on CZ eastbound

    Thanks. I'll check out Transbay Temporary Terminal first since I don't know if I'll have time between the bus and train to get anything. If neither one works I'll have some protein bars to tide me over until lunch.
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    Breakfast on CZ eastbound

    I've noticed that! The 3, 5, 7 and 21 all leave Chicago between 1:45 & 3:00 so of course no lunch.
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    Breakfast on CZ eastbound

    Thanks, everyone. That's what I thought but didn't want to eat before I went if breakfast was served in the train.
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    Breakfast on CZ eastbound

    I'm leaving from San Francisco Transbay Temporary Terminal at 7:50 to connect with the CZ to Chicago. The train leaves at 9:10 AM. Is breakfast served on the train or do I need to find breakfast before leaving for the bus?
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    Train Location History

    I used the punch cards in college. I don't think we had access to the "confetti". The first (sort of) personal computer I used was a dedicated word processor with 8" floppies. I still have a desktop computer that has a 3.5" floppy drive but it's been off for so long I'm afraid to turn it on...
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    Amtrak Status Maps Milestone

    Thanks to both of you for your maps. I use them quite often, for entertainment just to see how my favorite trains are doing and even more often when I have an upcoming trip. Great work!
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    What's with the Zephyrs?

    Both trains are moving again. 6 is almost 6 hours late and 5 is more than 17 hours late. I'm assuming the passengers are still on but don't have info on that.
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    Train 21 East Texas Detour

    I was on the 21(19). They changed in Texarkana.
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    Track work near St. Louis - Texas Eagle Route?

    I was on 21 (19) and we had engine problems before Carlinville which delayed us about 3 hours. They put a UP engine on and we made it to St. Louis where there was another 2 hour delay for engine problems. I assume they then put an Amtrak engine on because we were traveling faster after that...
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    Chicago Metropolitan Lounge

    I was just in the lounge and the woman at the front desk who gathered us to walk to the train (Capitol Ltd - on board waiting for departure) said it would be opening in June. She also said if you arrive in Chicago on a sleeper but are leaving in coach you will NOT be able to use the lounge...
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    Texas Eagle 22 (9) Re-route

    I just realized I have a typo here. This should have said we left SAS on 5/9 but I guess you all already figured that out!
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    Texas Eagle 22 (9) Re-route

    It was a lovely ride! Lots of farmland, most with lots of standing water from all the rain. We traveled alongside the Mississippi for a while and it seemed to be running pretty high.
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