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  1. Shanghai

    Chicago Travel Order - 14 day quarantine

    Hello Jim, Thanks for asking. Archie is fine and enjoying the grandchildren with us. I hope Laura bypassed Austin and you are well. Hope to see you at the next Gathering. Best regards, Dick.
  2. Shanghai

    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    Another experience my family had with sleeper travel. When we lived in Europe, we took the Orient Express from Budapest to Paris in a double bedroom sleeper. It was nice but no toilet or shower in either room. We also took a German train from Berlin to Malmo, Sweden and the bedrooms did not...
  3. Shanghai

    Chicago Travel Order - 14 day quarantine

    Our daughter and grandchildren flew from San Francisco to Orlando to escape the California fires (smoke) and I was quite surprised there were no mention or filing requirements of quarantines upon arrival.
  4. Shanghai

    2 Roomettes or Bedroom

    We are both elderly and prefer not to use the upper bunk, so we get two rooms and we both have lower beds.
  5. Shanghai

    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    I enjoy traveling by train. I nearly always travel in a sleeper because I like space and privacy. I am a million-mile flyer on two airlines but when I retired my preference changed to trains. We can travel to see our children and grandchildren conveniently by train. Our Amtrak station is 7...
  6. Shanghai

    Is it to soon to be booking a cross country trip in Sept?

    I too have booked my train travel to the Gathering and a trip to Chicago in early August. Also, train from New York to Florida in late August. I hope I do not have to cancel. I canceled my March trip to Dallas and Emeryville and received a full refund.
  7. Shanghai

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Glad you were well when we traveled together from Florida to Washington DC!! I canceled my March trips to Dallas and to San Francisco. I'm hopeful the virus situation will improve before July when we will travel to Chicago and in August to New York via Amtrak. I miss my train travel.
  8. Shanghai

    Broken Down Cardinal (51)

    I was on the Cardinal on Oct 27 and we were stopped between Crawfordsville and Rennessler for about 30 minutes, then creeped along for a few minutes and then up to speed. We reached Chicago for my connection to Dallas (#21). We were told it was a track issue and I saw a CSX truck and workmen...
  9. Shanghai

    Crescent/CONO/Cardinal June Triangle Trip

    I don't doubt anything that has been said in this post regarding Amtrak's telephone support. I have called numerous times to book travel, to change reservations and to cancel reservations and in every case, I had competent and friendly agents that got the job done.  I have experienced long...
  10. Shanghai

    Upgrade/Companion/Lounge Coupons: seeking, available, questions

    My perspective is that the companion coupon is being used for the rail fare, just as if two people were traveling in coach. This is a proper use of the coupon. However, the example here only varies as the companion is actually traveling in a sleeper, which is properly paid by the non-coupon...
  11. Shanghai

    Long anti Anderson Article

    For all of his potential faults, the Wall Street Journal today announced that Delta is the best airline in the US based on seven criteria.  Alaska was second and Southwest third. Perhaps, historically Anderson has done some things right!!
  12. Shanghai

    Emeryville to SFO

    If you are going to San Francisco on the CZ (or Coast Starlight) use the booking code SFC.  That's the Transbay Transportation Center in the city.  The Amtrak Bus will take you from the EMY station directly to SFC.  The CalTran station is near the Transbay center.
  13. Shanghai

    Red cap question

    I tip the Red Cap five dollars everywhere.  Most are helpful and take by luggage into my room.
  14. Shanghai

    Superliner Bedroom or Viewliner Bedroom

    I prefer the Viewliner over the Superliner.  Nearly every time in the Superliner, the air blasts are not controllable  and results in unpleasant air flow.  I usually ask the SCA to tape over the air vent but I always bring my duct tape. The arrangement of the Viewliner is much prefered and you...
  15. Shanghai

    Help on planning 7,440 miles cross-country

    Looks like you have planned well for a most interesting trip. Being in coach, I hope your fellow riders will be respectful and courteous people.  I don't know if your train trips must be consecutive days, but if not, you may want to consider what we do when traveling to San Francisco.  We...
  16. Shanghai

    When was the last time you rode in an Amtrak dome car?

    I rode on the Ocean View dome car attached to the Cardinal with two AU members about 4 years ago. It was an enjoyable ride.
  17. Shanghai

    Guess who's coming to dinner?

    I had dinner with the exec assistant of Susan Rice on the LSL, we had lunch with a couple from New Zealand, a couple from Australia and a couple from England. Also, in the lounge with George Will. I have seen several noted people in the Acela lounge at NYP - Bill Cosby, Jill Biden, Harry...
  18. Shanghai

    TSA morning in Emeryville (8/31/18)

    I have seen on two occasions TSA agent and Dog at the Winter Haven train station. They walked into the waiting room and then trainside as passengers (Sleeper) were boarding. I don't know if they were present for the coach passengers.
  19. Shanghai

    Richmond, VA Track Work June 10-12, 2018

    Train 97 is currently 9 Hours late at Charleston, SC. Most of delay occurred at RVR. Track Work?
  20. Shanghai

    late train/missed connection senario

    I have been riding Amtrak for 17 years and only once did I miss a connection. Amtrak put me up in a nice hotel (in Chicago) gave me taxi money, dinner money and booked me on the next day train. Other than being one day late, I was pleased with the arrangements by Amtrak.