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  1. amtrakwolverine

    The Canadian Winnipeg stop

    How does the Winnipeg stop on the westbound train 1 work? Do they kick you off for the few hours it sits or can you come and go as you please just show your ticket and get back on? I plain on visiting the railway museum inside the station.
  2. amtrakwolverine

    Messed up Booking How long for points to return

    Tried booking a reward redemption for the cascades from Vancouver B.C to Seattle and as a result of having more then one Amtrak tab open messed with the wrong one and when i went to confirm booking I got trouble navigating this page. So now i got 1500 AGR points floating in cyber space. If it...
  3. amtrakwolverine

    Amtrak Cascades border clearing

    Whats the procedure like for crossing from Canada back into the USA on the cascades. I know you clear customs at the station but after that are there anymore check points or is that the only one? I'm thinking of taking a round about trip on VIA rails Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver then take...
  4. amtrakwolverine

    Germanwings Airbus A320 Crashes in France

  5. amtrakwolverine

    Post gathering report

    Up at 8:45AM and checked out at 9am and walked to the bart station. I thought the announcer said the train was going to SF airport but it turns out it was the red line and bypasses the airport and goes right to millbrae. So stayed onboard and went back one station to switch to the yellow line to...
  6. amtrakwolverine

    Gathering day 3

    Up at 8AM and left at 8:30Am and walked to the EMY station getting there around 9AM and found a couple others were already there. At 9:50 We boarded our train for the trip to SJC. We had the car mostly to ourselves on this run. When we got to SJC we split up with a couple doing a points run...
  7. amtrakwolverine

    Gathering day 2

    Up at 7am to leave at 7:30AM for the 1 hour walk to the EMY train station as the emery-go-ground route that serves the EMY station does not run on the weekend. got to the station at 8:30AM and found a few others waiting. The train arrived on time but we waited 10 minutes due to a late bus coming...
  8. amtrakwolverine

    Gathering Day 1

    Woke up at 8AM and headed towards the MacArthur BART station were I saw normal Betty,Devils advocate and Charley. We boarded the 2nd train towards embarcadero. When we got off we waited at the bottom of the exit stairs but then went to the muni level to wait for the group. About 10:15AM the rest...
  9. amtrakwolverine

    Pre-Gathering report

    Off work at 10Pm home by 10:20PM. Up till 3am packing and figuring out what I´m going to take. Took a nap till 7am since the cab was set to come by 8am. i tried to just stay up till 7am but sleep won out. Cab arrived a few minutes before 8am. Ran into bad bumper to bumper traffic on one freeway...
  10. amtrakwolverine

    Dog Poo Forces Flight to Make Emergency Landing

  11. amtrakwolverine

    Gathering Day 3

    There is no day 2 as I only attended Friday and Sunday. Got off work around 4:30PM and was home around 5PM. Had the cab reserved for 10:45PM and he showed up about 10:30PM. Got to the Detroit greyhound station around 11PM. Shortly after I got there the security guard physically shoved a street...
  12. amtrakwolverine

    Gathering day one

    Off work at 11:30PM and home after 12AM. Pulled a all nighter as I don't go to bed till 4-5Am anyway. Called the regular cab company I use at 4AM but the dispatch guy said he didn't have anyone near me since it was shift change and it would be a hour and a half wait. He suggested another company...
  13. amtrakwolverine

    My failed points run on July 20th

    So what a trip. The plain was 351 the wolverine from Royal oak to Chicago then Hiawatha service 335 From Chicago to Sturtevant and back on 338. Well The Wolverine 351 ran into signal issues past Dearborn due to a string of storms that hit Michigan throughout the night. We could go no faster then...
  14. amtrakwolverine

    METRA Tickets

    Can I use my 2 One way tickets zones A-E for the BNSF Line on any other metra line out of CHI as long as it's the same zones or are some routes priced differently?.
  15. amtrakwolverine

    Hiawatha No show question

    OK so i was supposed to take a round trip on 335/338 CHI-SVT but thanks to the wolverine 351 running into signal issues due to storms and a broken a/c in one of the cars I missed 335 by 40 minutes. Will I get a e-voucher for being a no show or are the tickets still good for when I try again in a...
  16. amtrakwolverine

    Passengers forced to change clothes on Denver flight file lawsuit

  17. amtrakwolverine

    United flight diverted after family complains about movie

  18. amtrakwolverine

    Wolverines running both locos up front now?

    anyone know the reasoning behind having both engines running up front back to back instead of one at each end of the train. on the 26th of march 353 and both locos up front and online. on the 27th 350 had the same 2 engines up front front and as 351 passed by it also had 2 engines up front. is...
  19. amtrakwolverine

    TSA to allow passengers to carry small knives on planes

  20. amtrakwolverine

    TSA apologizes after family told wheelchair-bound daughter would get p