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  1. Bierboy

    5/31 Texas Eagle (#422) CANCELED

    Well, here we go again...our three day trip from LA (5/31) to CHI (6/3) on the Eagle has been canceled with barely 24 hours notice. "Due to a service disruption"...baloney. I've been monitoring the TE eastbound the last several days, and have seen minimal delays despite all the crap in the...
  2. Bierboy

    SW Chief (Train 3) busing due to flooding

    On a sleeper on the SW Chief (train 3) that is about an hour out of Chicago and they say flooding is forcing us off the train at KC after 10 pm arrival and onto busses. Busing us somewhere (SCA didn’t know how far) and then we’ll board an identical consist for the rest of the trip to LA. Any...
  3. Bierboy

    Indiana teens disconnect and enjoy life on the train

    Great article today in the Indy Star -- https://www.indystar.com/story/news/education/2018/02/08/carmel-teens-spent-9-days-train-traveling-through-small-town-america-little-cell-service-wifi-heres/308854002/
  4. Bierboy

    Amtrak Train 91-CSX collision in SC (2/4/18)/Liability issues

    (Local sheriff now reporting two fatalities and 70 injured) -- http://bit.ly/2EEPHey
  5. Bierboy

    Amtrak studying Quad Cities to Danville

    Story in the Quad Cities Times this morning....possibly extending to Indy in the future....
  6. Bierboy

    Parking at BNL

    According to another thread, long-term parking at the Amtrak station in Bloomington, Ill. is $8/day (or $40/month). Are there any other less expensive options for long-term parking within walking distance of the station?
  7. Bierboy

    Ill. Zephyr/truck collision

    Looks like no injuries, but, man has it been a bad year for train/truck collisions... http://www.wqad.com/news/wqad-train-reportedly-involved-in-bureau-county-wreck-20110913,0,979565.story
  8. Bierboy

    Sluggish Amtrak Wi-Fi on Acela explained

    This CNET article gives an explanation for the sluggish Wi-Fi on Amtrak (and other moving vehicles)....
  9. Bierboy

    Fort Madison, Iowa man killed by Amtrak train

  10. Bierboy

    New summer timetables

    New timetables now available...
  11. Bierboy

    I WON A CONTEST!! Seattle or Portland?

    OK....I entered an Amtrak contest several months ago with ClearChannel Radio, and we just found out we won. It's a round-trip (roomette) on the EB to spend four days and three nights in a four-star hotel in either Chicago, Milwaukee, Minn/St. Paul, Seattle or Portland. Given we live in Illinois...
  12. Bierboy

    Illinois Railway Museum

    Wife and I are considering a day trip to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Ill. Has anyone here ever been there? Is it worth spending the day? The Web site is not a particularly good, descriptive one, but, from what I see, it looks interesting. Claims to be the largest railway museum in the...
  13. Bierboy

    Good hotel in Emeryville/SF?

    We're taking the CZ next October to EMY for a weeklong vacation in the SF area. Any suggestions on a decent hotel to stay at without breaking the bank? I notice there's a hotel within walking distance of the Amtrak station (Woodfin Hotel), but we also plan to rent a car while we're there, so...
  14. Bierboy

    Best stinkin' sleeping car attendant on Empire Builder

    Wife and I just returned from a trip to Montana on the Empire Builder, and we had absolutely the BEST sleeping car attendant we've had on ANY route. Andrea was fabulous; very apparent she LOVES her job. And, boy, is she good at it. We've never had such service, and we've had great service on the...
  15. Bierboy

    Allow me to introduce myself

    Hi everyone! I just discovered these boards over the past couple weeks and am thrilled there's something out here for rail lovers. As you might tell from my signature, I got hooked on train travel as a kid when the family would go from Chicago to Seattle to visit relatives. We took the Northern...