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  1. TrackWalker

    WA State Ultra High Speed Transportation Study

  2. TrackWalker

    LSL Consist Order

    I will be on the LSL 449 out of Boston (BOS-PDX) in two weeks and was wondering what is the consist order. I've found a thread for the EB consist but not the LSL. Thanks. TW ####
  3. TrackWalker

    BMWE Letter to Joe Boardman - Amtrak Safety

    Letter from the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees to Boardman concerning Amtrak safety. https://www.bmwe.org/cms/file/04132016_154402_Boardman_Letter.pdf
  4. TrackWalker


    In about 4 hours I will be flying from the Pacific NW to NYC to join a bunch of crazy people. I am part of another group of people with a (shall we say) eccentric hobby. :rolleyes: www.wheresgeorge.com We are having a "Where's George?" Coast to Coast Gathering on Amtrak by way of the LSL &...
  5. TrackWalker

    CNN wants you!

    CNN trip report requests