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    So I just have to know who the "genius" was that thought, "Hey, lets use carpet on the walls!" Thank the Lord that the Superliner I sleepers were saved. Unfortunately, the Superliner II sleepers and 95% of the full dining cars face the ugly mess. It is just sad when you put the two types of...
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    Grand Central Terminal to NYP, May 2012

    National Train Day returned to NYC after a long absence with a bang, to the glorious Grand Central Terminal. As most of you may know, this may have been a one year event, even with it's unbelievable turnout. Metro North, which runs all operations within GCT, allowed Amtrak and private varnishes...
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    Which Way West?

    I'm nowhere near a newcomer to rail travel, intact I've been riding trains for my whole life. But, I can't decide which way to travel to around San Jose/Salinas, California next summer. I only have about 2 weeks to travel around, about 4-5 days in Cali. So I've narrowed it down to three...
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    O-H-I-O from NYC

    Just finished up my trip out to Elyria,OH with my father and brother. Firsts for me include new milage between Harrisburg and Cleveland as well as south of Pittsburgh. Our trip started on the LIRR into NYC from Long Island. Our LIRR train arrived on track 13 and coincidentally, train 43 to PGH...
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    No More Brunch?

    I rode 30 today into Washington and was kind of disappointed when they told me that brunch wouldn't be served. Do they still do it orhave they stopped doing it?
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    Update on Viewliner 8400

    I've heard wispers that Viewliner 8400, or the prototype diner, should be out of Beech Grove by September. So just watch out for it if you're traveling on an eastern LD train. Hopefully some pictures will surface soon, I can't wait to see it!
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    Amtrak's Current Food

    I'm interested to see what current Amtrak foods, from cafe, lounge, bistro, and dining cars people like. This is off recent menus, not past 2009-2010. I also need some help choosing what to east from the dining car on the southbound Capitol Limited. Does anyone know what the specials and...
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    Amtrak has a major issue on it's hands: All ticketing/their website is down National. You can't get tickets, so if you have not printed them, you're screwed.
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    Other Amtrak Food Menus Now Up

    They have finally put up cafe car menus, Pacific Parlor Car, and Lake shore Limited 448/449 Boston-Albany menus with their respective routes in the ROUTES section, not the regular dining section. There are a few different cafe car menu variations: National (Most Long distance trains)...
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    Fall-Winter 2010/2011 Dining Car Menus Out

    New menus are out. The California Zephyr and Capitol Limited now have their own menus, with only the Silver Service, Southwest Chief, and Sunset Limited using the "national menu". Interestingly, the Zephyr now has pancakes as well as french toast, but Amtrak's "premere" train to the west, aka...
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    City of New Orleans and Hiawatha Service

    Sorry for the delay, I've been very busy but I finally have time to write these! My trip on Amtrak 58 on May 6th never happened. CN didn't give Amtrak a thumbs up to run until the morning we were due out, so we needed a way to get too Memphis! We looked at Greyhound, but we settled on a rental...
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    New Dining Car Menus

    New menus started yesterday, some of the things I noticed were: Steak is now a New York Strip, which sounds like an improvement. French toast sticks replace pancakes on the Cardinal. 100th anniversary Glacier National Park artwork on the cover of the EB menu. New Cardinal artwork on that menu.
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    NYP-NOL, The Crescent

    For the years since my original overnight journey, I've planned all kinds of trips to visit relatives, all evaporating as there wasn't really a point to just go and visit them for the hell of it. My break came when a aunt in Mississippi became engaged, and that was my chance to get a nice, long...
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    What Happened to the CL/LSL

    I was looking up the arrival of the equipment for 48 tonight (AKA 49 from NY), first checking the Amtrak Status Maps. It looked good, along with the CL out of SOB, but when I learned what the grey backround meant, I wanted to see if something was wrong. Both trains were about 5 min late out of...
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    Amtrak Spring 2010 East Coast Challenge!

    Well just completed part one of my eastern US train trip! The Crescent was very good EXCEPT for a few things I will mention later once I complete my entire report!
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    NTD Card in the Mail

    Got a small card to"Be a part of the celebration in Washington". Of course I will be in Tennessee so unfortunitely I will not be able to attend any events this year :( . One thing I noticed on the card, is that NTD's premere sponcer is SUBWAY! I wonder if they'll be giving out free $5 foot...
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    First P40 Seen Out of Beech Grove

    I was watching a Youtube video of the Hoosier State and what happens to be on it the P40DC 821! Video is currently on RAILROAD.NET.
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    Oregon To Purchase Two New Talgo Sets

    Saw on RR.net that Oregon is going to order two new Talgo sets for its Eugene-Portland service. More info to come.
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    Updated Dining Car Menus

    I was checking the LSLs menu (to see if they changed from the Diner Lite to the regular menu with grilled steaks) and I was pleasantly suprised when I did find it with the grilled steak! Then looking at the rest, they haven't really been changed, maybe a few changes but not many I noticed. The...
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    Big Easy Here I Come!

    Can't wait! Leaving May 2nd on the Crescent, got Bedroom B in the 1911 car (YES!!! We aren't going to be facing the wrong way). Just need two things clarified: 1. The 1911 car is the last car, correct? I also thought (as I had seen previously on the Cardinal) that the H-room is sold as a...