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  1. ALC Rail Writer

    Away In Chicago

    Formal trip report to follow, but you can see live updates of my trip on Twitter @BravestNewWorld Capitol Limited seems to be holding on to a twenty minute delay tonight. If so they will pull in right at the time change.
  2. ALC Rail Writer

    Daylight Savings and Amtrak

    This Sunday after the next (March 9th) I am scheduled to board 29 at 1:39AM, just 21 minutes before DST begins. Last fall I was on 30 during the fall back hour and we stopped outside ALC to kill time. Am I correct in assuming DST shouldn't affect my travel plans as the scheduled stop is before...
  3. ALC Rail Writer

    Chicago Trains

    Hey all, Was planning a quick trip to Chicago and was planning on doing some touring by train. I will be there during the week of March 10 so weather won't be great but I should have plenty of time to ride CTA/Metra. Which lines have the longest runs and which are the most scenic or travel...
  4. ALC Rail Writer

    Help With a Hypothetical

    I have been working on a little piece of speculative fiction about the future in which a national HSR system has been built. I was trying to imagine what would happen if at some point in the future (say twenty years) there was a massive movement towards HSR as part of a new FDR-style "New New...
  5. ALC Rail Writer

    Dramatic pileup in Wisconsin caught on tape

    Have you ever wondered how a blood clot happens? These unfortunate Wisconsin drivers unwittingly demonstrated on a large scale: http://ib203846.ib-prod.com/p/557781/sp/55778100/serveFlavor/entryId/1_e9s4of1j/v/1/flavorId/1_s6asyfvq/name/a.mp4
  6. ALC Rail Writer

    Thick Stomachs For Amtrak Food?

    Just curious and looking for laughs, what's the longest you've gone on an Amdiet? My record is 15 meals over 5 days during a loophole trip. I don't think I could take it more than a week, usually after three days I skip a lunch or two (I did on this occasion).
  7. ALC Rail Writer

    Do they still give out cards?

    I just wondered if AGR still gave out membership cards that you could scan at quik-traks and what not, the last membership card I have was the last year I had select status, 2010.
  8. ALC Rail Writer

    Sleeper Turnover

    So I was wondering how much time Amtrak allots for a sleeper to be turned over and resold. For instance if one booked a roomette CHI-CLE could another person by the same roomette for ALC-WAS (giving the attendant one stop to remake the room) or is it longer/shorter?
  9. ALC Rail Writer

    New Amtrak Safety Rule

    While leaving last Sunday's 29 I noticed a paper an Amtrak employee left in the overhead luggage rack. This weekly bulletin evidently shows a new rule for Amtrak, just read the entry for Saturday, November 9. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200851696720719
  10. ALC Rail Writer

    P42 and Timken Co. Question

    Last week I saw that the bar above the wheels on the P42's has a Timken mark on it. Timken's main steel foundry and drop forge facility is right by my house, I was wondering what that part was and what else (if anything) Timken makes for the P42 and/or the rest of the Amtrak fleet.
  11. ALC Rail Writer

    To Charlotte and Back, a Foliage Trip on Amtrak

    November 3-4, trains 30 and 20 from CLE-WAS-CLT My friend (an Amtrak first-timer) invited me on a trip to North Carolina. I haven't been on a train in a few years and have been sitting on a cache of AGR points so I booked a last minute sleeper between CLE and CLT. We had room 7 on 30 and were...
  12. ALC Rail Writer

    Lost Phone On Amtrak

    So anybody ever have this happen? I lost my phone on yesterday's 20 (11/18) when I detrained at WAS. I put it into lost mode and left a number to call, I GPSed the location and saw as it made its way to NYP. I spoke with customer service at WAS and filed a report (the lady was quite helpful)...
  13. ALC Rail Writer

    ID Question

    So my disorganized first-time Amtrak riding friend has misplaced his driver's liscense and I was wondering what other ID Amtrak would take. The website says two forms of ID, one of which is govt. issued is acceptable, would a social security card and credit card work? Or a birth certificate and...
  14. ALC Rail Writer

    Assorted Questions From a Vet

    Hey all, so as I am setting out on my first Amtrak trip since 2011 I wanted to make sure I had all my bases covered. I had a couple random questions that could help tie loose ends... I've been out of the loop so some things may have changed. -Does the Penny still run with AF BC with the NEC...
  15. ALC Rail Writer

    Dinner out of WAS on 19?

    Hey all, long time no train, going on the Cresent for the first time on an uprcoming trip and wanted to know if I should expect dinner out of WAS with that 6:30 departure time. My friend and I are going sleeper, so we will board out of the Club and wondered if they might take reservations there...
  16. ALC Rail Writer

    Long time since I did this

    Hello all, haven't been on a train in awhile but my friend and I wanted to go to Charlotte for a business vacation and I dercided to use my long-lost AGR points for a sleeper CLE-CLT this Sunday. I noticed a lot of updates to the system (including e-ticketing!) and was impressed by the polite...
  17. ALC Rail Writer

    Baltimore Freight Derailment, Fire

    Heard in CNN some AnchorBrunnette talking about a "cargo trail derailment" and "black smoke and fire in some industrial part of town" in Baltimore. The airhead not withstanding any real "news" about this? Looks nasty. Note... another instance of the media calling them "cargo" trains..., what...
  18. ALC Rail Writer

    Alliance, OH

    Doing this out of sheer boredom, but here goes-- if you ever find yourself in Alliance, OH here are all the local things to see and do... Alliance is located in the Western part of Stark County, OH. The 'Carnation City' is a small former industrial town, home to Mount Union University, a large...
  19. ALC Rail Writer

    What's this? No way.

    Yes way. You can tell I haven't been on here for awhile, my signature says I'm still planning trips in 2011. I was last on the rails from HAR to ALC back in June of 2011 coming back from the Appalachian Trail. Well I've finished getting my useless literature degree, and a recent friend's first...
  20. ALC Rail Writer


    Whats up people? Miss me?