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  1. Shanghai

    Cardinal #50 - Superliner Sleeper - Nov 18, 2017.

    I saw on Facebook today a video of train #50 with a superliner sleeper. If this is true, will the sleeper passengers be required to change to a Viewliner sleeper in WAS? If so, what happens to the passengers in rooms 11 through 14 and the family room? Perhaps the entire FB post is a hoax...
  2. Shanghai

    Southwest Chief #3, Cancelled today (3/11)?

    Does anyone know why the Southwest Chief has been cancelled today, March 11, 2017?
  3. Shanghai

    Pittsburgh to Columbus (by Ambus)

    I will be traveling to Columbus, OH in a couple of months. Since there is no train service, the route will be Washington DC to Pittsburgh, PA on the Capital Limited, then transit to a bus (at midnight) to Columbus Bus Station arriving at 5:25am. My questions are: Has anyone taken this...
  4. Shanghai

    Crescent Southbound from WAS - Dinner??

    Boarding in WAS Southbound at 6:30pm, is dinner served in the diner?
  5. Shanghai

    Greensboro, NC - Taxi availablity for the Crescent?

    Any one have experience getting a taxi upon arrival at Greensboro, NC on the Crescent? The train scheduled arrival time is 12:15am.
  6. Shanghai

    Companion Coupon Question

    Is the coupon valid on an Acela train? On a Regional train, if one upgrades to Business Class with the coupon, does one only pay for the BC upgrade cost? Thanks.
  7. Shanghai

    Checked Luggage Question??

    My question: Can a ticketed passenger check their luggage a day prior to the departure of their train? I will be departing from New York Penn Station enroute to San Francisco. Both stations handle checked baggage and the transfer time in Chicago is scheduled for four hours. I want to check...
  8. Shanghai

    NJ Transit Train hits Tractor-Trailer Truck

    http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w82/shanghai34/00NJT_zps0aaa9fff.jpg This morning, a New Jersey Transit Commuter Train struck a tractor-trailer truck carrying a load of 5 gallon containers of yellow and white paint. As you can see from the photo above, it created a giant mess. There...
  9. Shanghai

    Taxi availability at Salt Lake City

    We will arrive Salt Lake City on the California Zephyr, scheduled at 3:05am. Does anyone know if there are usually taxis meeting the train or if there is a taxi stand nearby? Thanks.
  10. Shanghai

    Maine Snow Lady!!

    Below is the Maine Snow Lady. Anyone recognize her? Can you name her?
  11. Shanghai

    Parking at Cincinnati

    A friend plans to take Amtrak from Cincinnati, OH in the near future. The Cardinal departs at 3:27am and returns at 1:13am a few days later. He expects to be away about 10 days and is looking for a car park and possibly a hotel/motel where he can spend the night and leave the car while away...
  12. Shanghai

    Happy Holidays from NY Penn Station!!

    As I was passing by, I thought our Amtrak Unlimited folks would enjoy this photo. Do you have a photo of any holiday decorations in your Amtrak Station??
  13. Shanghai

    Up to 40 Children Killed in Train Bus Accident

    I heard on BBC World Service Radio that up to 40 school children were killed when a school bus was struck by a train south of Cairo, Egypt this morning. It was reported that the track gates were open when the the accident occurred.
  14. Shanghai

    Surfliner Luggage Service at Santa Barbara

    I will be taking the Ambus from San Francisco to Santa Barbara to connect to the Pacific Surfliner to Los Angeles. I will take the SWC from LA to Chicago on the same day. I made this trip a few months ago and I thought I heard an announcement that it was possible to check luggage at Santa...
  15. Shanghai

    Amtrak Bus AGR Credit?

    I recently traveled from New York to San Francisco. I had tickets from NYP to CHI, CHI to EMY & EMY to SFC. I took the Amtrak Bus from Emeryville to San Francisco Ferry. On my return, I took an Amtrak Bus from San Francisco Ferry to Santa Barbara, Pacific Surfliner from Santa Barbara to Los...
  16. Shanghai

    New Family Addition

    Ryan, has your wife had the baby?
  17. Shanghai

    SWC #4 from Los Angeles

    I will be departing from Los Angeles on the eastbound Southwest Chief #4. I will be in a sleeper. I'd like to know if there is separate boarding for sleeper passengers. Also, the train is scheduled to depart at 6:15pm. Is dinner served upon departure? How are reservations (if any) taken...
  18. Shanghai

    Lucky Penny Day

    I just saw on the Internet that today is Lucky Penny Day!! Congratulations to our Lucky Penny.
  19. Shanghai

    New Superliners for Amtrak

    The Department of Transportation is proposing spending 500 million for new double decker (Superliner) cars for Amtrak.
  20. Shanghai

    Jisnu's Maharjas Express!!

    I found some photos of our Jis' Maharjas Express Train in India. Now I know how he gets from Calcutta to Delhi. I'm certain that Pennyk would like the bathroom!! I think Jis is wearing the red turban!! All Aboard!! Welcome to the Dining Car. Your bedroom, sir. And the Bathroom.