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    Is it to soon to be booking a cross country trip in Sept?

    I’m probably one of the biggest Amtrak advocates around but farewise I can’t rationalize any Amtrak trips this year. My wife and our two daughters ages 2.5 years and 3 months do at least 3-4 trips a year from Galesburg or Chicago to Los Angeles to see the family. Always take the train once in...
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    Upgrading to Sleeper onboard?

    Hopefully that policy changes in the near future. That’s one thing airlines do, sell upgrades at the gate or online. Amtrak should follow suit. It’s probably one of the only things that airlines do that Amtrak should as well.
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    NY Times: Anderson out, William Flynn in

    Let’s hope not if it’s as twisted an agenda as Andersons.
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    NY Times: Anderson out, William Flynn in

    The next POTUS will still have pull with his or her budget request, board appointments, and or cleaning of the current board.
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    AGR points for unused tickets or change fees under new rules?

    Airlines don’t give FF miles to no shows. Airlines have a lot more verification if a person was or wasn’t on a flight though. Personally I’d submit the ticket to guest rewards and request the missing miles. They have no way of knowing if you were on the train or not. We can debate the honestly...
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    Interesting info re hotel where Amtrak crew stays in Pittsburgh

    Sounds about right. I remember the Hilton’s, Radisson’s, Marriott, etc with crew rooms, recliners, tv’s pool tables, snacks. I know a lot of that went away 2009-2010 with the major airline bankruptcies and the hotels getting stiffed out of a lot of $$$ with the bankruptcies. I’m sure some hotels...
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    Interesting info re hotel where Amtrak crew stays in Pittsburgh

    It’s the same with airline crews. The contract rate hotels near airports can be less than ideal. I ended up in the ER at 2am with welts from bed bugs during a layover at a La Quinta. It’s not uncommon having these hotels bid 30-40 bucks a night to get the contract. Hence why its so hard for us...
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    Way to cut down losses on long distance trains

    Back to the main title of thread. How to cut down losses on long distance trains? Fire Anderson and Gardner immediately before more damage is done. The numbers may look ok now but expect the bottom to fall out the next two years when repeat riders stop riding. Any public transit official from a...
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    More restrictive ticketing non refundable no changes coming March 1, 2020

    “Amtrak added nonstop Acela service between the District and New York last fall, freshened up train interiors with new carpet, seat covers and cushions, and upgraded bedding, towels and linens in long-distance accommodations.” Untrue “Executive Vice President Roger Harris, who is Amtrak’s...
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    Observation Car seat etiquette

    For me it’s usually a moot point, unless your on the Coast Starlight in the summer and want a ocean side seat you won’t have any issues coming or going. Maybe there’s a few other legs such as the Zephyr in the Rockies or westbound out of Reno but overall the lounges aren’t packed like they used...
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    Amtrak Mesa to Phoenix 1980s Interesting short article. Most have been a lot more agile Amtrak at the time.
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    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    If the 35 percent off coupon is off whatever the current bucket fare is the day before travel that may be more then it was the day you booked your coach ticket. example with made up numbers: low bucket roomette at booking a month before $200 $350 higher bucket the day before departure minus...
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    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    That’s great news I’m curious though 35% off what? How much out of pocket would you have had to spend to get the roomette?
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    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    Something that really rubs me wrong with bogus amenity claims by Amtrak is the fact they do have the money to start the process. Remember last year Anderson made a point to tell everyone Amtrak has a billion with a B in the bank they are sitting on. I’m not saying deplete the rainy day fund on...
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    Bedroom Pricing...

    Trying to get coach passengers to upgrade seems like a no brainer. Airlines do the same thing. I’ve got offers from United emailed to me and been offered steep discounts from a few airlines at online check in the day before. Also heard announcements to upgrade at the gate in the past. For a...
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    Amtrak FY 2021-2025 Plans

    As a frequent SWC rider I received a few of the surveys concerning food service and buses. The surveys were anything but honest. Someone voting for “fresh and contemporary” meals would have no clue they were voting for a TV dinner. The surveys were drawn up to show a specific result in my opinion.
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    Amtrak FY2021 grant request

    3 million for a study of Amfleet 1 replacements? Anderson is the wrong person at the wrong time. Hopefully this whole reauthorization can be dragged out until new management is in place.
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    Bedroom Pricing...

    They really need a fare calendar on the website. Low fares every so often don’t help the average customer if they don’t know when they are offered. This whole thread has me thinking in additional to new bedding they need to throw some money at the website and get it more airline like. Yes this...
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    Bedroom Pricing...

    I really wonder if the new yield management will help or hurt. Ive had more than a few friends look at taking Amtrak for the first time and be immediately turned off looking at the fare for their date of travel. They come away thinking Amtrak is super expensive and don’t consider it again. As...
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    Richard Anderson replacing Wick Moorman as Amtrak CEO

    I agree but Anderson has proven at least up til this point he doesn’t have a grasp on the issues and isn’t willing to compromise. Unfortunately under Anderson a total discontinuation of the Sunset is more likely then daily service. We’re on the same page though a daily Eagle would be the best...
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