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  1. Chey

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Never mind. The agent I originally spoke to got somehow disconnected. When I saw on my phone app that my trip was still listed I called back. This time I was rerouted to an AGR agent (I should have called them to begin with) who *immediately* cancelled the trip and refunded the points. No penalty.
  2. Chey

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    So does anyone know how long it takes to get points back after cancelling?
  3. Chey

    VIA suspends overnight trains

    I wonder if my decision on whether to cancel my trip will be made for me.
  4. Chey

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Hard decision - but a wise one. I'm going to wait till the last week of March to decide. The trip's in May, from FTW to TUS. Right now it seems reasonably safe but who knows what's going to happen down the road.
  5. Chey

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion reducing route&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=amtrak reducing route&sc=0-21&sk=&cvid=4BE71BEA91374607862E206674C64542 Also:
  6. Chey

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    LOL! I just NOW got the email! Glad to have it but I'm think I'm still going to wait till the end of April before I make that decision.
  7. Chey

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    I wonder how they determine who needs to get that email - OTOH, I probably don't want to know! Among the conflicting 'facts' I've heard about this virus is that it's not heat resistant so I'm inclined to wait a little longer before I decide a cancellation is needed. This was going to be a fun...
  8. Chey

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Strange - I booked a trip back in November for a trip in early May - no email from Amtrak. I wonder why...
  9. Chey

    I can see (name of train) from my window/porch/etc.

    The only thing I catch is the sound of the BNSF freights, which can heard all over this small town, especially at night. I can't possibly see any Amtrak train, I'm smack in the middle between Lamy and Ft Worth, both approx. 300 miles from me (not just the stations but also the tracks they use)...
  10. Chey

    People will steal your stuff on amtrak right in front of you.

    I once left a pair of glasses in my roomette when I disembarked at Albuquerque. I didn't even know where I'd lost them. A few days later someone from the Albuquerque station called me, asking if I was still in town. I wasn't, so Amtrak mailed them to my home in TX. So they would have had to...
  11. Chey

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Late 60s, I get a flu shot almost every year. I only got flu once after getting the shot, which did NOT sicken me - it was a year that they guessed the wrong flu strain and the shot wasn't very effective. But being the age I am, having diabetes, I don't count on luck. I'm taking a points trip...
  12. Chey

    Increased Security Presence on Trains

    Please tell us about it?
  13. Chey

    Increased Security Presence on Trains

    Hey Jim, we're hearing up here that it's getting to be a quite a problem in Austin. How big a problem is it? I would guess the station's too far from downtown to be useful to them? I don't think I've ever seen security on the eagle, Austin or anywhere else.
  14. Chey

    Just for fun - upper or lower?

    If I'm in a superliner, bottom bunk - gotta have that window! In a viewliner, top bunk - better view from the upper window. I usually wake up a couple of times during the night.
  15. Chey

    Amtrak Mesa to Phoenix 1980s

    Yeah, ASU alumnus. I lived in the valley longer than I've lived anyplace (military brat), most of it in Tempe and Mesa. My first Amtrak trip was from Union Station in Phoenix. Very pretty station. I don't know if Amtrak will ever serve it again. When I left Arizona I think Sprint owned the...
  16. Chey

    Amtrak Mesa to Phoenix 1980s

    Apologies for the delay. It was at Ash & 3rd. It's a restaurant now (remember Macayo's? They closed their Phoenix restaurant and opened a bunch of smaller ones. This one is called Macayo's Depot Cantina. Never been there... yet.) Soooo -...
  17. Chey

    Amtrak Mesa to Phoenix 1980s

    Heh! I lived there at the time. I had moved there in the early 70s and the valley was pretty much in a total drought all that time until the 1980 rains. I remember my brother getting stuck at ASU for a couple of days, unable to get back to Phoenix to eat and sleep and get back to school the next...
  18. Chey

    Nice Amtrak trip review in Chicago Trib today

    LOVED it! Thanks for sharing it.
  19. Chey

    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    You could have warned us not to have food or liquid in our mouths before we read this.
  20. Chey

    Amtrak asks a passenger to move ...

    That was my first thought as well. I haven't ridden in coach that much but one such time we were told as we boarded to sit in specified seats, and discovered that we were all getting off at one or other of the last two stops. The fact that we were told where to sit didn't bother me at all. It...
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